Episode 220: First Ride Up the Divide

Episode 220

August 17, 2016



This week we talk to Steve Grasso of The Cafe Racer Podcast all about his trip up the continental divide with a group that included two brand new riders. You don’t want to miss this one, folks. Be sure to check out The First Ride Up the Divide on Facebook and on The Gear Dude‘s site.


The ride’s sponsors are listed below.

Big Agnes
Tents, sleeping bags, pads, and Helinox camp chairs

BestRest Products
CyclePumps, tire repair kits, MRS bike recovery kits, BeadSetR,
TireIron BeadBrakR, EZ Gauges.

Twisted Throttle
Hard protection parts for the KLR’s and SW Motech racks for the 1290

Communications and Prism cameras

Outback Motortek
Crash bars and skid plates for the KLR’s

Kate’s Real Food
Snacks and food bars

Mosko Moto
Soft bags for hard travel – all of our luggage

X.D1 Adventure Helmets

Mountain House
Freeze dried food

Rider gear

Rottweiler Performance
Performance Air Filter systems for the KTM’s

Konflict Motorsports
Suspension for the KTM 690

Wolfman Luggage
Tank bags

Black Dog Cycle Works
Hard armor for the KTM’s

 Voltaic Systems
Solar battery charger

Forma Boots
Adventure and Terra riding boots


Adventure tripod

Episode 219 – a lot of fire, a lot of passion

Episode 219 – A lot of fire, a lot of passion
Recorded April 18, 2016



  • Firstgear TPG Rainier jacket review update



  • Tom Reynolds
  • Matt Campe
  • Eric Kohnen


Contest Winner:

  • David Lanning

Episode 218: Turbo? That’s not such a great idea.

Episode 218 – Turbo? That’s not such a great idea.

Recorded Feb 24, 2016





  • Roland Cannon (re: Chinese dirt bike from CSC)
  • Robert Thornton
  • Jared Patz
  • Mike Sova (from thepacepodcast.com comments)

Contest entrants…

  1. Allan Lessard
  2. Tom Clark
  3. Adam Forsberg
  4. Ted K
  5. Justin Varner
  6. Mike Szymborski
  7. Steve Brannon
  8. Mitchell Tryon
  9. Tom McGoldrick
  10. Will in FL
  11. Molle
  12. Mr Munck
  13. Adrian Jacob
  14. paul harnish
  15. David Brickner
  16. Daniel
  17. Steve Ginn
  18. David Huber
  19. Matt Szostak
  20. Steve
  21. Jack Starcher
  22. Chad Bolling
  23. Jeff Gilbert
  24. Kamil G.
  25. Matt Szostak
  26. Mike R
  27. Frank Rainieri
  28. pbryon
  29. Kahlil Seymour
  30. Rosebudcassidy
  31. Klas
  32. Jorge
  33. Mike Jones

And the winner is (picked by random # at random.org

#10, Will in Florida


Episode 217: The numbers went up

Episode 217: The numbers went up
Jan 31st, 2016





  • EJ Kooker (from Facebook)
  • Scott Weaver
  • Chris Duffey
  • Frank Evans


Another contest idea, courtesy of Frank Rainieri

Listener Frank Rainieri came up with a cool contest idea:

Create ONE post in this thread. Pick ONE bike from each modern, currently-doing-business manufacturer, that you think best represents the brand, and give us a few sentences on each explaining why. We’ll pick a winner at random from those who give us the most qualifying bikes.

Prize will be a “help you out on the road” gift pack pulled together from my garage – some new items, some gently used – that will hopefully make your bike travels more enjoyable, perhaps safer, and maybe more complete… in some way.

Ready…. set… GO!

Episode 216: It’s Good that It’s Gone

Episode 216

January 17, 2016







  • Rondale Williams
  • Peter De Keles
  • Craig Porter
  • Frank Rainieri

Episode 215: Screaming its Fool Head Off

Episode 215

November 19, 2015



Episode 214: AIMExpo Wrap-up

Episode 214: AIMExpo Wrap-up
November 4, 2015


AIMExpo discussion. Some very cool stuff.



Episode 213 – All of it. Just all of it.

Episode 213
October 12, 2015


Catching up for lost time. We read feedback. All the feedback. Ever. And talk about some AIMExpo teases.


  • Justin Eagle (from July)
  • Kurt Wahtera
  • Scott Bolton
  • Matt Campe (Springfield, IL)
  • Jeff Kirchman (I like this question ~ch)
  • John Bennett
  • Johan Kvande
  • Dave Edwards


Episode 212 – Harleys at Bike Week

Episode 212 – Harleys at bike week
October 5, 2015


Let’s get caught up on the last month off

Catch up topics (any, all or none of these are fine by me):

  • OC Bike week
  • My brother bought a Harley – at bike week
  • Chris is back on a cruiser



  • Jonas Petzall – new bike options