2013 Equinox to Equinox Rally

Here we go folks. Let’s kick off the first annual Pace Motorcycle Podcast Rally. Register ASAP! The bonus list can be found at the bottom of this page.

  • E2E Links
  • Rules

    • The Rally will run from midnight eastern daylight time on March 20th 2013 until 11:59 eastern daylight time on September 22nd 2013.

    • We are largely operating on the honor system here. Play fair. Try to adhere to the spirit of the game. That is to give us all a good excuse to get out and ride and then get together online, share pictures and talk about our adventures.

    • Unless otherwise noted, you can submit as many pictures per category as you can grab but only one image of each individual object will be eligible.

    • Unless otherwise noted, each image must contain the motorcycle you rode to the bonus and your placard.

    • Points will be awarded for one object per photograph.
    • Try not to do anything that makes us say “We’re gonna need another rule”.

    • We’re learning as we go. Please feel free to offer suggestions but be gentle.

    • Points will be assessed by the judges (Chris and James). If you disagree with our assessment, you are welcome to politely let us know.

  • Procedures

    • Register

      • Send an email to feedback@thepacepodcast.com with the words “Register 2013” and only the words “Register 2013” in the subject line.

      • Include the following in the email.

        • First and last name

        • Nickname (this is the name you would like us to refer to you by)

        • Email address

        • Optional – A link to your blog, photo site, Twitter or anything else you’d like us to include

        • Let us know if you want us to keep your real name secret. You know, in case you happen to be Batman.

      • You will receive your official E2E Rally placard number within 24 hours.

    • Make a placard

      • Print your placard number on anything you want, anyway you want. Just make sure it’s large enough to be legible in your images.

      • We have this template available for your convenience. Write your registration number in the area provided and print and trim the placard to size. http://thepacepodcast.com/thepace2013e2e.pdf
    • Submit photographs

      • Email photographs to feedback@thepacepodcast.com with the words “E2E 2013” and only the words “E2E 2013” in the subject line.

      • Include only one photograph per email with the name of the bonus category that you’re claiming with that image.

      • We will assess and update point totals as quickly as we can.

  • Prizes

    • Prizes will be awarded to the top three points earners. Actual prizes are to be determined.

Download (PDF, 50KB)

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57 thoughts on “2013 Equinox to Equinox Rally

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  3. Woohoo! The snow finally melted off the driveway, and I was able to get my first three entries sent in! Question: for “Ural Dealer” and “KTM Dealer”…neither have a sign on the building proclaiming them as such. I know the KTM dealer really is a KTM dealer, since I’ve seen the bikes for sale there when I was lusting over a Triumph a little while back. The Ural web site gives the address and e-mail (which looks like a probable match for the business name posted at said address) for the “dealer” I visited, and there is a fleet of Urals in the driveway, so it’s likely, but…go or no go?

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  5. Is any one else getting “delivery failure” notifications when sending in photo’s? I’m wondering if the mailbox is full of submissions?

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