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The Pace is a general interest motorcycle related podcast show and website. "It's about the ride..." It's about riding. It's about bikes. It's about the enjoyment, the utility, the touring, the... you get the idea. It's about motorcycling - it's just that simple. The site and show are a way to discuss topics near and dear to us all, as motorcyclists. The show will attempt to highlight interesting stories, discuss industry news, promote fun ideas for rides, discuss safety for the commuter, tourer and sport riders. The hosts will relate ride reports, personal experiences, locations, road conditions and just about any other bike-related topic you can think of. The show is recorded and produced by riders who live the life every day. People who ride for the enjoyment and utility of it, not to just "talk the talk". The hosts are real people, living real lives and integrating their love of riding into those lives. Subscribe to the podcast on feedburner at http://feeds.feedburner.com/ThePacePodcast General show feedback or comments for the hosts can be emailed to feedback@thepacepodcast.com. Your hosts are James ( "I ride a motorcycle and have opinions." ) and Chris ( "A face for radio; a voice for print." ) It should be noted that The Pace Podcast is not directly affiliated with Nick Ienatsche or his Motorcyclist Magazine post entitled "The Pace" from 1991.
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17 thoughts on “About The Pace Podcast

  1. Hey guys, I just listened to your latest podcast and your inquiry on the vapor instrument panel. I was looking at the same thing recently and they say that unit has a “permanent” odometer. It should keep its sanity if it loses power.
    Keep up the good work.

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  3. If you like Waze you should try Cobra’s iRadar. Works really well. Itcreates a network of radar detectors, not just you. I know it might be a problem in Virginia but in states like Georgia it is great. I would also recommend http://www.tyreontravel.com for customization of routes on the GPS for TomTom and Garmin.

    Really enjoy your podcast. Thanks guys.

  4. I’m hoping that you guys do a follow-up report on the Honda CB1100 after it’s been released here in the USA. Most of the early print reviews that I’ve managed to find thus far have been gushing over the bike and make the big CB sound far more appealing than you guys did.

  5. Loved the commentary On the Star “BOLT” The question About Do you buy the Iron or the BOLT left me scratching my head as to why we do that. I immediately checked the specs and the BOLT is all around a bigger small bike it disturbed me that even a die hard Star fan like me could look at the Sporster and go Hmm mm.

  6. I stumbled across the Pace Podcast when I typed “Burgman” into the Stitcher app and was completely blown away to discover you’re in Newark! I grew up there, leaving for Tampa in 1981 after Mama and I got our degrees. It was a great show and you’re already in my Favorites list. Keep up the great work!

  7. So I leave my home in Dover, Delaware on my aging Harley Heritage Springer in May to take a four day motorcycle tour of the south east. I hook up with old friends from North Carolina and head for the Dragon and north to Gatlinburg. We park shower grab a beer and a guy I just met says to me Delaware tags, you must listen to the pace podcast, I looked at him and said huh? He says yea there are two guys up there where you come from that have a podcast and that they love to ride but have to travel so far to get to the good roads. Well now I’m hooked and listening to the pace in reverse order. The other night I caught the episode where I believe James had the loaner Tiger 800. I went to the dealer test drove it and am sold. Harley gone, fun is on! Thanks for putting the show on and just know apparently you have a following in North Carolina!

  8. Watching the long way round on netflex, next will be the long way down. It looks like it would be fun, a trip like that. I may have have to look into a 4 corners ride on my vmax.

  9. hey guys, im just wondering what happened to the podcast show? really liked listening every month. hope all is well with everyone . charlie

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    Nonetheless, I just wanted to let you know that you are doing a great job! Looking forward for more of your images!

    Have a good day!


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  12. Hi Pace guys. What is going on with the show? I loved it so much and now gone! I’m very sad. I check everyday for new podcasts but no joy. Did you guys have a quarrel and can’t get together again? Did you have an accident? Did you say everything you had stored up and now have nothing to say? I and many others are wondering. I hope everything is ok. Thank you for the memories.

  13. Just importing feeds into a new podcatcher & came across this golden oldie- Just wanted to say thanks so very much to you both.

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