The right kind of noises

Thursday night James and I and our two guests recorded a show at my house. The rig we used consisted of my Macbook for recording, my Blue Yeti for ambient sound, two Shure Sm58 and two Radio Shack dynamic mics, Yamaha mixer and XLR connections for all mics. With the understanding that there's a bit of a noise floor from the USB mic that in comparison to the regular levels was very low, I'm very pleased with the sound. Any real "noise" in the recording you'll hear are just the sounds of four people having pizza and beer and sitting around a table together talking about bikes. Sometimes Todd's or Jeff's mic was a little hot while they really got in there to make a point, but I tried to keep on the levels and keep everything leveled. I'm happy with it, and of course the content was a lot of fun, visiting with the guys was great and hey... we got to sit around BSing all evening about riding. So what could be bad about that?
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