Episode 59 – Does Jar Jar ride a Honda?

Episode 59 - Does Jar Jar ride a Honda? Jan 16, 2011
This week James and I discuss what we did on Christmas vacation, our websites, and James' warm hands with his new deer carcasses. We also talk about how Chevy is designing cars like sport bikes, and just how wrong I am about the aesthetics of Ducatis.
While we're at it, we discuss all sorts of interesting things about roadway designs. Are left turns going to be made illegal? Does Jersey have the right idea? Are circles your friends? We answer couple of email and phoned-in questions, and we help promote NewEnough's name change to MotorcycleGear.com. We both agree that the new name is a good move, if a little bland and generic. Good luck and congrats on the new name, guys! And now... Links!
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One thought on “Episode 59 – Does Jar Jar ride a Honda?

  1. No left turns? Sounds like Michigan – I often ride to South Haven Michigan from Chicago and around there, they have what we refer to as “Michigan Lefts” meaning you have to turn right, pull a U turn and then turn right. Not everywhere, but common on the busier highways.

    – Dan

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