Episode 62: This is a Motorcycle Show

Well, I'm sure this will surprise everyone but we're talking about Honda again this week. In other news: You can get an Ohlins on the (relative) cheap, we found some great pics of this year's Dakar and Enfield has a new chief. A couple new Guzzi's make their debut, Zero get's some serious cash and we try to figure out what the hell the Agility Saietta is. We'll wrap it all up some listener feedback. Jeff Katzer's trip to Cape Flattery
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One thought on “Episode 62: This is a Motorcycle Show

  1. Great show, as usual.

    The budget Ohlins does not make a lot of sense to me. I get the idea, but budget means 300.00 not 650.00, with shipping.

    A custom Penske can be bought for another 150.00.

    I know you guys comment on the news, so this is not directed at you.

    I’ve have an ass-full of the electric motorcycle. The cost is not even in the realm where its a choice for most of us. The state I live in, Utah uses coal fired generators to produce electricity. This means my electric motorcycle is really coal powered. I cannot imagine this is any greener than gasoiline.

    In fact, I think I will turn an extra light on for every electric motorcycle article I see.

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