Episode 72: Uh-oh

Well, let's see here. My bike blew up, I'm fixing it but I got a new one anyway and Chris preps his SV for it's first overnighter. We cover some news from Polaris and BMW, wrap up our conversation on that Erik Buell interview and then get in to lots of listener feedback. Thanks guys, keep it coming.
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2 thoughts on “Episode 72: Uh-oh

  1. Where is the link to the electric motorcycle you spoke of? I didn’t even catch the name to be able to search for it myself.

    Also, James, you mentioned you put a fair number of miles on your SV, exactly how many are you talking about? 30K, 50K, 75K?

    Thanks for another excellent episode.

  2. Oops! I knew I forgot something. Thanks for the reminder Ryan. It’s the Lito Green Motion Sora. A link to the manufacturer’s web site has been added to the show notes.

    I have a little over 40k on the SV.

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