Episode 76: Damn it’s Wednesday, need a new engine

The on-going saga of the SV's self consuming engine comes to a favorable end and the Sprint gets a grip. It's not all rainbows and unicorns though, Chris has his own tale of motorcycling woe to impart this week. It looks like Husqvarna has a promising new street bike in the pipe and Honda may have a new middleweight nudie bike (we hope!). Canada gets serious about noise, Aerostich wants to let use your smartphone with gloves on and we have lots of good stuff from listeners like you. There's a gear review from Josh Davis, a video from Paul Jones, an audio sample from Jeff Gilbert and recommendations from Todd Lampone and Matt.
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2 thoughts on “Episode 76: Damn it’s Wednesday, need a new engine

  1. Hey guys – just got around to listening to episode 75 and I have to say: given the incredibly low level of driving skill in evidence across the country, do you REALLY want these people on 2 wheels and crashing every other day because they were fiddling with their bluetooth helmet in order to chat about neighborhood happenings? While I’d prefer more motorcyclists in general I am totally against dumbing down the skill set necessary to ride a motorcycle, which includes operating a clutch. If someone needs an automatic on 2 wheels there are plenty of scooters out there.

  2. On the gloves I’ve found that the regular, and fast fit mechanix gloves will also allow you to operate a capacitive touch screen such as found on the iPhone.

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