Episode 90: It IS a scooter!

Episode 90: It IS a scooter!
This week the guys are talking with listener, friend, and all around great guy - despite the orange scooter - Ryan Hettenbach. Ryan rode along for some of the Pace Podcast Barber Museum trip in September, and recalls some of his impressions riding with a group, as well as riding longer days and longer miles on the scooter. Ryan also talks about his preparations for next year's Scooter Cannonball Run, running from East to West in 8 days. After talking with Ryan, the guys try to discern: is it live or Memore... er... Is it a motorcycle or a scooter? We're talking about the Aprilia SRV800; it's got a frame-mounted engine, chain drive, scooter body styling and ergonomics, an auto trans, sport-sized tires. What is it? Links:
  • Matthew Murto responds about the V4 I couldn’t remember a couple of weeks ago:
    • “V4 – Yamaha – Touring – the “Venture”. You almost had it.”
  • Prubert re: the FJR being a tank
Interview with Ryan Hettenbach about his orange scooter lifestyle.
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