Episode 95: The Gear Chic Interview. With BRAINNNSSSS!

Episode 95 for December 11, 2011 The Gear Chic Interview. With BRAINNNSSSS!
This week we interview Joanne from The Gear Chic website and blog. Joanne is your personal shopper, reviewer and gear expert. She works at a dealership, she rides - a lot - and is also an MSF instructor. When she's not doing those things, she's investigating, reviewing, testing and discussing riding gear. Pay attention, folks... She's got some excellent information and advice. Stay tuned after the interview for some feedback, and we learn that - like zombies - the C10 just won't die, or go away. Listener Jason Farley wants some information on riding up to Alaska. Oh, and BRAINNNSSSS!!! Check out Joanne's site at http://gearchic.com/about/ You can also find her on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/GearChic, Twitter at http://twitter.com/GearChic or on her new Help Line at 415-857-GEAR. Opening music No Way, by Kunk
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