Episode 100: We Suck Less

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3 thoughts on “Episode 100: We Suck Less

  1. Great show, I look forward to every episode.

    Before H-D can sell a smaller, faster bike, they need do a few things. 1st, teach their sales force the bikes, that is was what killed Beull in H-D dealerships. 2nd get rid of the groupies that hang out at the dealership, making fun of all who don’t by a big touring bike.

    I have always wanted an H-D V-rod, only H-D I would ever consider. I bought one off the show room floor in May 2011. The sales guy had no clue about the bike, he read from the sales book to me. Only wanted me ride up and down the road in front of the dealership. Kept telling how powerful this bike was, they didn’t want me crash the bike. Because I had never owned an H-D, they acted like I did know any thing about bikes, even after owning motorcycles for 20+ years. I knew more about the bike from my own research then any one on the sales people on the floor. Then there is the sales price, really tried to push MSRP plus about 1.5K in extra fees. I ending up with an OTD price of 1K under MSRP. I was not at all happy with how I was treated, have not been back in that dealership.

  2. The problem is that they want those groupies to stick around. They’re the ones that buy T-shirts and leather wrist bands.

    Otherwise, you won’t get an argument from me.

  3. In my area, those groupies are a problem, they do keep potential customers out of the dealership.

    H-D has a lot of work ahead of them, they need to keep the cruiser crowd, and at the same time open up and market to the sport or ADV riders.

    I really don’t think they are going to in the US.

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