To Tee Morris – our deepest condolences

Tee Morris, author, blogger and podcaster, husband and father, please accept our deepest and most sincere condolences on the loss of your wife. I don't really know what else to say. Those who may not know Tee directly, but who still enjoy podcasting in all its various forms, should take a moment to get to get to know Tee's work. He happens to write the occasional kick ass piece of fiction. But, in addition to his novels that made their way to podcast media and to print, he's also one of the founders of the idea of podcasting fiction for free, co-author of the book Podcasting for Dummies and other related works, co-founder of the podcast novel site PodioBooks and has done countless appearances as guest speaker, host, voice work and interviews on just about every other podcast author's works and sites imaginable. Tee is truly a beacon in "new media". Tee, you've always been a great, bright and optimistic, future-looking voice in the podcasting world and you seem like a genuinely nice and lovable guy according to those around you, and by the things you have said and done. Our hearts go out to you. Be strong, take your time, and hug your daughter just a little tighter today and every day.
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