Episode 114 – Bottom line: We’re just not very good at it.

Episode 114 - Bottom line: we’re just not very good at it. May 27, 2012
This week the guys talk about all sorts of craziness. Audi makes an electric bike. No... the OTHER kind of bike. With pedals. No, not foot pegs... PEDALS. As in, human powered locomotion. I know, crazy... right?
Well, if that's not crazy enough, how about turning your Citroen into a motorcycle in the middle of the desert when it breaks down.  Crazy you say? Well, it's ok. He's French.
But wait, you want MORE crazy? How about an $810 Honda motorcycle...? Crazy enough for you?
And to temper the crazy with a little bit of sanity and good discussion, Joanne the GearChic joins us for talking about summer riding and the gear to do it best.
Links: Feedback:
  • James (from ST.N)
  • Chris Harr - commenting on 100k+ mile bikes
  • Joanne talks to us about Summer riding gear
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4 thoughts on “Episode 114 – Bottom line: We’re just not very good at it.

  1. Interesting discussion on summer riding gear. I picked up a three-season jacket this last fall and like it pretty well. I’d like to be able to afford the latest and greatest, but the budget says no. Assuming there are other listeners in similar circumstances, I offer the following.

    As an alternative to the pricer stuff discussed on the show, I purchased the Tourmaster Flex Series II on closeout. It was just about $100. Has a zip-off outer shell, full mesh jacket and an insulated liner. The Series III has been introduced, so motorcyclegear.com was closing out the old model.

    I really like the full mesh inner jacket. Big weave to it and it really flows air. I am hoping never to have to report on the crash worthiness, but can report that in temps into the upper ’80’s the jacket does a great job of keeping the rider cool.

    I like the jacket with all liners down to the upper 40’s…haven’t tried much lower.

    Not sure how I feel about the method of snugging the sleeves down without inner liner. Tourmaster uses snaps, but I’m not convinced they would stay connected in a crash. Might allow the armor to slide around if the snaps give way.

    There are enough snaps and zippers to keep most riders occupied for several minutes of fun while attaching, or detaching, the separate liners. Easy to miss a zipper and find more air flow than wanted in cooler weather.

    The outer shell is pretty stiff at the moment. Hoping it softens a bit with time. Collar stabs you in the neck if you slouch. Not a problem if you lean into your bars, but something a cruiser rider might want to know.

    I also have a tight mesh jacket by Texport (the Firetrak.) Texport has been purchased by Fulmer and Fulmer has been around for a lot of years.

    This jacket is a mesh with an insulated, zip-out liner. I got it on closeout at the local Honda dealer. It fits a lot tighter than the Tourmaster and seems to flow about as much air as the Tourmaster. The shell is not as relaxed as the wide mesh liner of the Tourmaster, but not as stiff as the Tourmaster with the outer liner attached. My only caveat to this jacket is that I can’t find any description beyond “polymesh” that describes the shell material. I emailed the company, but never received an answer.

    Both jackets are armored (elbows and shoulders) and have a least a minimal soft pad on the spine. The Tourmaster seems to be made of pockets (it usually takes time to figure out which pocket has something I need in it) and the zipper pulls are long enough to be useful.

    Fewer pockets in the Firetrak, but enough for what I need.

    Hopes this helps the Pace listener looking for a mesh jacket.

    I’d be very interested in what other riders are wearing for gloves.

  2. As for gloves, summer time I’m wearing Tourmaster deerskin gloves. For wet (and not *too* cold) I’m wearing Joe Rocket Ballistics. For cold or cold+wet, I’m wearing Roadgear thinsulated full gauntlets.

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