Episode 116 – Let’s be clear… I’m not saying I don’t like racing.

Episode 116 - Let’s be clear... I’m not saying I don’t like racing. June 10, 2012
What’s there to say about this week’s show...? Well, Chris says we’re wasting fuel in racing, but the consensus is what he really means is, the PERCEPTION is that fuel is being wasted on racing, meanwhile bike MFGs are making bikes that go faster, harder, more and bigger, but there’s no priority being put on MPG. So, ya know, don’t hate the guy for his comments. James and Chris both have work to do on their SVs and thank goodness the weather is only in the low 90s so they won’t die of heat stroke working on the bikes.Lower cost Raptors in the US...? Yes. And even factoring in US-based labor. Go figure. Ride to Work Day is coming up, so we’re going to see all The Pace Podcast’s listeners on the road on June 18th, right? RIGHT? Yes, of course we are. The good news is, Garmin has released the new Zumo with lifetime maps. Now you have NO excuse not to ride to work, right? RIGHT? Good. I’m glad that’s settled. Oh, and there are some juicy links to various things... check ‘em out. News: Misc links: Feedback:
  • Thom Butterfield
  • Darren Dykes
  • Bryan Conley
  • Jay Knight
  • Matt Murto on hot weather riding
  • Russell Hoffman
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4 thoughts on “Episode 116 – Let’s be clear… I’m not saying I don’t like racing.

  1. I with you guy about going to the dark side of bike tires, you give up way to much in control. I would have to say they work well, in good road conditions. But, what about when the road conditions are less then good? At even slight lean angle, you are giving up traction as less and less rubber is on the road.

    I’m another cruiser rider that really rides his bike, I have an H-D V-Rod bought new in May 2011, with just over 15K miles. When it comes to getting a new bike, people need to looking into the cost of maintenance. I knew going in with the V-Rod that tire last about 10K miles and cost about $500 a pair installed.

    I have an 09 Kawasaki Versys that was bought new on Oct 2010 with 17K miles. Tires are a bit cheaper and last 5K miles longer. But, in the end I’m installing a new chain and sprockets with tires. I commute in the winter on the versys, so the chain get abused.

    I love having the two different styles of bikes, fills my comfort ride wants, along with my need to crave the corners.

  2. As for the GPS, I use a Garmin Nuvi 550 based on advice from the ADV forums. I’ve used it in the rain with no problems for almost 2 years now, I take it off the bike when not in use.

  3. Hi Guys,
    As always, I enjoyed this week’s show. Keep up the good play.
    A couple… issues:
    I know you’ve acknowledged that “wasting fuel” for racing was a poor choice of words. I would recommend the phrase “USING fuel” for racing. Racing employs thousands of people and entertains millions. If we can’t USE fuel to make us happy, then what the hell are we saving it for? Right? Besides, any “shortages” of fuel are due to geo-political decisions anyway. We have more fuel locked up in untapped sources right here in the US than exist in all of the Arabian peninsula. I would submit to you that THAT is the real WASTE of fuel. (Don’t get me started on the the phony pollution stuff. Back to the Earth from which it came).
    As far as the $700 price tag on the Zumos — that is exactly the right price. Proof?: People pay it. If you make something people will give you $700 for, you just earned yourself $700. If they were charging too much, the competition would be walking all over them – and there is no one close to Garmin for MC’s.
    Anyway, if I agreed with everything you guys said, I would get bored with you real quick. lol.
    Gotta go USE some fuel. Ride safe…

  4. On running darkside- I run dark on my ST1100 & know of many running dark on various sport touring bikes, and even know of a couple running on Stroms. Yes it handles a little differently, but it’s important to adjust the suspension for the change. All my ST riding buds & I can still thrash the twisties just as well, if not better, with this configuration. I do not recommend this for sport bike applications, for all the obvious reasons, but heavy sport touring bikes are not an issue. I recommend forgetting those youboob vids and follow a darksider someday if you get the chance…. chances are you won’t die in the horrific carnage unfolding in front of you and might just see with your own eyes how much these tires flex and maintain a large contact patch when leaned over. Millions of miles with no massive fiery bloodshed on the highways kinda sorta hints this isn’t as crazy as conventional wisdom speculates.

    Ultimately, Honey Badger really don’t care if anyone’s mind is opened…

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