Episode 119: I Wept Quietly to Myself

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4 thoughts on “Episode 119: I Wept Quietly to Myself

  1. While you guys have been experiencing 100+ temps, we have been in the 50s. I would like to meet somewhere in the middle of those two.

  2. Re. your (James) Roadcrafter lust, try to find someone with one you can try first. I know “everybody” says they’re the best, but my experience is contrary. I found the jacket to be uncomfortable (rode up when sitting, thick non flexible material), the cut was amateurish looking, it was not windproof, and was certainly not waterproof. I think I have the only bad review on the Aerostitch website (and took some criticizm) but I was honest.

    The Klim and Rev’it suits for example ($$$, granted) use cutting edge fabric and fasteners, and that’s where I’d put my money if I wanted “the best”. I ended up with a First Gear “Rainier” jacket (for 1/2 the cost of the Aerostitch) which I honestly thought was superior to the Roadcrafter. 3 years later I still use it all winter, and it’s still waterproof and warm. Food for thought maybe.

  3. Hey guys over the road trucker here love the show even if you don’t seem to give enough love to the big cruisers. I ride a 2012 heritage classic softail and am begining to get the itch for something a little more nimble have my eyes set on a 06 sv650 that just became avail at a local dealer. by the way I have
    now listened to 30 shows in the last 4 days Keep
    Up the good work! P.s any swag avail for a super fan to support the show t-shirt coffe cups etc ?

  4. Guys – Great show. I just started listening to you and as a rider coach have added you to my information resources toolbox. You cover a lot of ground in a short amount of time and create a lot of substantive thoughts. I thought I’d take the opportunity to comment on a couple of comments.

    Like James, I used to lube my chain religiously and w/the Dupont product. In contrast, have you considered an auto-oiling system? I used to dismiss the auto-oilers as being pricey, gimmicky and messy But a couple of years ago however I decided to research them. The short story is I installed a PDoiler after much deliberation over lowest cost and operational effectiveness on the Vstrom and have been delighted with the performance and w/not having to worry about lubing my chain especially on the long-trips/rides. Chain oilers seem very popular in Europe.

    One final plug for stuff that works well. Riding gear – Motoport. Awesome product and customer service!

    Thanks for a great program.

    Front Royal, VA

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