Episode 124 – Feedback bonanza redux like, all over again.

Episode 124 - Feedback bonanza redux like, all over again September 2, 2012  
News: New Ninja 250 300 coming to the States? http://www.asphaltandrubber.com/rumors/2013-kawasaki-ninja-300-rumor/ http://www.kawasaki.ca/model/STREET-TOURING/1256/Ninja-400R Links: We have feedback. Not much more to say, really... Listen in and enjoy.
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3 thoughts on “Episode 124 – Feedback bonanza redux like, all over again.

  1. Canuck listener here. In response to your query, I don’t think anyone in Canada refers to US residents as anything besides “American”, although it does seem a little presumptuous now that you mention it – especially since the “Americas” include Central and South America too… lol. You greedy bastards.

    Regarding the displacement issue for the Ninja, having a 400cc cap is pretty awesome here (in British Columbia) because yes, there is a “less than 400cc” insurance class, and it makes a BIG difference in your monthly payment. I had a DR350 and paid about $38 a month for the 3rd party liability insurance, which is the only mandatory coverage we need here. Collision and comp would be additional, but I chose to defer that for my 25 year old beater. My current 2010 F800GS costs me about $150 a month, including all perils.

    FYI, the classes here in BC (different in different parts of the country) are 400 and under, 401 to 749, 750 to 1150, and 1150 and over.

    Great show once again guys, and Chris, I hope you heal up quickly and permanently.


    Peter Jowett

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