Episode 125: All Kinds of Neat, Sweet Bits

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4 thoughts on “Episode 125: All Kinds of Neat, Sweet Bits

  1. Doesn’t download. Ya know, I sure appreciate your show and I realize this is a labor of love for you guys. But the last couple weeks, all I hear is excuses. I empathize with Chris on his recovery, and with James on his schedule. That said, you have a great following that I am sure has been somewhat put off by this blip on the radar. I wouldn’t be saying this, but you yourselves have admitted that several of us have reached out and offered to help by substituting here and there so you guys could continue producing a quality product. I see your podcast going big places eventually, but not when it’s failing to air. I think you guys should have taken us up on our plentiful offers to assist and keep the show going. But that’s just me. I think I may be moving on to another venue for this kind of material. Thanks, and I hope you learn from this experience.

  2. The link is fixed now. Thanks for letting us know about the problem.

    As far as I know, one person offered to sit in as a co-host. We appreciate that but that means that one of us still has to be available to record, edit and post the show. That wasn’t the case for 3 out of the past 5 weeks. Typically, when we miss a week it is after we’ve rescheduled a few times. We usually record on Thursday night. If that doesn’t work we’ll try to record on Saturday or Sunday morning. The simple fact is that it doesn’t always work out the way we’d like. When Chris and I started this thing we agreed that health, family and career have to come first. If that means missing a week, as much as we don’t like it, that has to be OK. If that means missing a month, that has to be OK too. While we don’t want to disappoint our listeners, these things are sometimes unavoidable.

    Thanks for listening. I hope that you will continue to do so.

  3. C’mon Tom are you kidding me? What do you pay to listen to The Pace? Same as me–nothing. If we were all paying a monthly fee or something, I’d understand your complaint. But these dudes don’t do this as a full time job, it’s something they do for fun that lots of other people happen to enjoy listening to as well. So you’re getting on them for not rearranging their lives and breaking their necks so you can listen to an hour long chat about motorcycles? Ease up dude. I really don’t get where some people are coming from.

  4. I assume I represent the 99.999% of listeners out there who agree that family and health come before a podcast. Tom, you need to try decaf. No offense, but like Craig said, it’s free and it’s awesome. Just having this available at all is a pretty cool thing.

    Shrug it off guys, we still love you. 🙂

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