Episode 127

Matt Johnson's Sportster

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One thought on “Episode 127

  1. Just finished episode 127. A good choice the guy looking to replace his 883 Sportster would be an 09-10 VStar 950. He can get those with not a whole lot of miles in the $5 to $6K range most definitely. I ride a 2010 950T (Tourer package came with a windshield and locking hardside leather wrapped bags). The 950 has plenty of power for 2 up weekend trips or solo trips with alot of gear. With the luggage rack, 2 up touring over a long weekend is a breeze with the right luggage.

    Otherwise if he can’t find a Tourer model, he can get the standard and add bags, a windshield and a luggage rack and he’ll be ready to hit the road.

    Just my 2 cents.

    Great show

    Bristow, VA

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