Episode 129: I didn’t read that article

Episode 129: I didn’t read that article October 14, 2012
This week, while James is off exploring the wilds of corporate travel, Chris enlists the help of his friend John, an MSF instructor, long time rider and track day junkie, to help keep the show on track (pun!). In true Pace Podcast form, many a rathole was visited, and many a tangent was... tangentalized. Discussion: Low speed turn Links: News: Theme song by Raoul Lowe
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6 thoughts on “Episode 129: I didn’t read that article

  1. Entertaining show this week, John was a great not-James. I like the advanced riding stuff, more like this would be fine by me. Have you guys thought about getting David Hough on the show? I don’t remember him being on here, although I may have missed it.

  2. I actually have a question re. the advanced control portion. I’ve been riding a long time (30m years or so) and taught myself. I know what you’re thinking – another schmuck who knows everything – not so. I have taken some advanced classes recently, and if there’s one thing I realized, it’s how much I DON’T know.

    So my question is: what is the “best” (and I realize everybody is different) way to hold the bars for low speed stuff? I used to have 2 fingers on the brake, but all my fingers on the clutch lever. (Yes, I know the front brake is probably not the best idea in full lock 5mph turns, it’s just how I ride.) It always felt a little awkward, like I wasn’t really controlling the bars. What I have forced myself to do is leave my left pinkie wrapped around the bar and use the inside 3 fingers on the clutch. This gives me a more secure grip on the bars, but if there’s a better way please let me know.

    Thanks again,

    Peter Jowett, Vancouver BC

  3. Peter – Good Question. For me, when you are doing the low speed stuff and you have to let the bike lean, you have to change your grip on the bars somewhat. I’ve found that for left turns, I will hold the throttle more like a flashlight (or screwdriver) and less like you do when you are straight up and down. That lets your wrist angle and your forearm can come out in line with the bars better. With my left hand I will make an “OK” symbol around the left bar, and use my outer fingers for clutch control. For the slower right hand turns it is the opposite.

    For faster turns, I think that throttle hand position when turring right is more difficult if you try to keep your hand in the standard position. That screwdriver grip lets your right elbow go out more, and it helps get the “down and in” body position that they teach in the MSF ARC. Try those positions with your grips and let me know if that is any better. Hope that helps.

  4. Great show as always. During this episode You and John talked about the FZ8 and how great the bike looked. The two of you wondered why people weren’t buying the bike. I was recently in the market for a new-ish bike. I looked at the Monster, the Street Triple, and the Speed Triple. I was intent on getting a naked sport bike. I went to the local yamaha dealer and they had a 2011 FZ8 on the floor sitting right next to a 2006 Fz1 that had been converted to a FZ1n Euro style. The FZ8 was listed at $7999 and the FZ1 was listed at $6599. I went home and did some research on various FZ1 forums and found that tons of people were converting FZ1’s to FZ1n’s. The headlight kit is readily available from $730 on line, and mirrors can be bought off ebay for $50. So for $800 you can convert a used FZ1 to a FZ1n, which is what the FZ8 is a copy of. The FZ1 had more power and better suspension, so it was a no brainer to me. It also help that I found an 06 with 3900 miles for only $4300. The bike came with an aftermarket pipe and filter. After i added the headlight kit, mirrors, steel front lines, a power commander, tax and title fees, I had a low miles naked FZ1 for ~$6000. That was still $2000 under what a new FZ8 costs before tax and title.

    The FZ8 is a great bike, but I think it’s being killed by the FZ1 aftermarket. The FZ1 is unchanged from 2006-2013. You can get used FZ1’s with aftermarket goodies for less than $6000 all day long. If you want the naked look, buy the headlight kit and mirrors for $800 and you have an FZ8 with 200 extra CC’s and 30 more HP, plus better suspension. The insurance cost is about equal between the two, so if you’re mechanically inclined why not buy the FZ1? I did.

    I enjoy your show. Keep up the good work!

    Akil from Cincinnati, OH

  5. Thanks John, that was really helpful. Outside 3 fingers on the clutch, huh? That’s gonna take some getting used to. lol

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