Episode 130: It’s the Future!

We have a dual purpose episode this week. It's a bizarre Frankenstein's monster of a show bringing The Pace and The Wheelnerds together for the second time!  We have our usual measure of news, email and random diversions along with a couple classified ads that Todd brought with him. Get ready! Here comes The Pace 130 and Wheelnerds 65!
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2 thoughts on “Episode 130: It’s the Future!

  1. I’m listening to your latest episode, I am a new listener but after listening to you talk about that fucking jacket for 5 min I probably won’t listen to another episode. That segment was toucher, not funny at all and you guys just wouldn’t stop. I felt like shooting myself waiting for you guys to finally stop talking about that jacket add. Worst radio I’ve ever heard. Go back and listen yourselves and you will probably want to commit suicide as well. I like the idea of reading bad classified adds but come on guys, keep it short or at least funny.. Buuuut you guys are the farthest thing from being funny so you might want to cut that segment out completely.

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