Episode 135 - MANUALLY RANDOM! January 13 2013 ThePaceFINAL-300x116
We’re giving it away. All of it. Every single bit. Well, every single bit of the Grip Puppies, that is. Both of them. That’s right... the pair. Then we move on to this week’s product review: The Bilt Storm Jacket from Cycle Gear. Say what you will; they’re making some decent stuff. Are we spending too much for our GPSes? Hmmm.... could be. Fish eye? Get it here, now with more competing products. And if you think Ford is doing some cool stuff, stay tuned; they just went Open! Triumph gets sporty on the Tiger, and hey... feedback, feedback, feedback!
  • James will pick the winner of the grip puppies - Scott Pfeiffer
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2 thoughts on “Episode 135: MANUALLY RANDOM!

  1. Hey guys,
    I wanted to chime in on the IRadar from Cobra. Although I do not have any first hand experience with that particular product I have used Escort Live which initially seems to be a similar product. It couples your smart phone with your detector allowing you to network with other users to locate active radar traps. I used the Escort product for a year as I do quite a bit of driving for work and found it to be more of a distraction than an aid. I tend to run 5- 10 over. At this speed a good quality radar detector on its own should provide good protection against radar traps. If you are regularly running above these speeds I guess it maybe useful but constantly scanning multiple devices gets old real quick. Forget it on the bike!
    The other problem I had with the system was that I use my smart phone as my primary GPS and toggling between the two programs was an outright pain in the ass. The app is also quite large and has since been deleted from my phone to make space for other apps.
    The one feature I did like was the ability to change the detectors settings from the phone. The interface from the phone was much easier than pressing a sequence of three buttons on the detector to get was you wanted.


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