Episode 136: Flibbertigibbet

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5 thoughts on “Episode 136: Flibbertigibbet

  1. I can envision “fixes” to the sound system for electric vehicles. The scooter would drive me nuts fairly quickly.

    I suspect that it is louder than any of our three small (223-250 cc) motorcycles with stock exhaust systems.

  2. Search around on Elio. They got a bunch of money about 2 years ago when moving into a Pontiac plant and went belly up. This is round 2 for them, and there are a bunch of skeptics, thinking that they’re just bilking investors and getting federal and state grants.
    I’ve got no axe to grind–I heard your segment, thought it sounded cool, and went to the link. I wanted pictures of a tall guy it he interior, of the machine without the candy colored shell, and to see if there as a refund plan on deposits. Nope to all 3. Then I started looking around. As Mike Brady once said, caveat emptor.

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