Episode 144: The Rally Gross Show

Episode 144 - The Rally Gross Episode! March 24, 2013 ThePaceFINAL-300x116
Rally info! This episode we go over the initial info on the rally. 101 entrants so far! You guys are killing it. We talk about some feed back and as for news... oh yeah... nada. Zilch. Zippo. Nuttin' Honey! Links: Rally feedback:
  • Tom P
Quick question on the bonuses. What if one dealer has both Ural and Royal Enfield. Can I submit 2 pictures of the same dealer for both categories?
  • BJ_CT
The category Covered Bridges seemed simple enough until I did some research. There are a host of Covered Bridges that may not be what you intended. I give you two examples from lunch hour. Bridge 1 is very old and spans a dam but it is a walking bridge only and leads to the mill on the left. Bridge 2 looks to be newish, spans a creek or dry wash and was probably never driven over by anything bigger than a bicycle. They are bridges (they span something) and they are covered. Do these count or not count? Thanks.
  • 02Tac
I have a question. How do you score it when a picture contains multiple things as this one does? There are two separate historical markers. The one on the right is for Warner Mifflin and the one on the left is for the Motherkiln Friends Meeting House. Feedback:
  • John Hopkins
  • J.L. Perdue
  • Roland Cannon
  • Erik Johnson
  • Lance Kimbrough
  • James
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One thought on “Episode 144: The Rally Gross Show

  1. Per the question on starter bike for $3K….one thing that frustrates me some is that sometimes people focus on smaller bikes in terms of engine size without taking into account physical bike size, ergos, and comfort. If someone my size–6’2″, 220–wanted to get going on a cruiser, for example, there is no way I would recommend a Rebel. While the engine size would keep them from getting overwhelmed by power, the bike wouldn’t be safe just due to the sheer geometry of how you sit on the bike. I’ve often told people to go and sit on a bunch and see what fits you best. I think the safest bike is one that you’re comfortable riding, engine size be damned.

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