Episode 145 – A Goldwing Ridgeline

Episode 145 - A Goldwing Ridgeline April 14, 2013


Short show this week. We have a quick product review for S3 cases, then talk about a few brief news items. Then we dive into feedback and give a rally update. Really... that's all there is. Oh, and we figure that the best thing Honda can do is make a Goldwing branded Ridgeline pickup truck. I think James almost barfed a little at that one.


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  • Stéphane Lafrance - is the ST1300 a good choice?

  • Frank Luo - SV, Ninja 650, ER6N?

  • Elliot Williams - Thruxton or Street Triple?

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One thought on “Episode 145 – A Goldwing Ridgeline

  1. Great show, once again!

    Thank you for your comments on the ST1300. Hoppefully, as soon as the sun get out and the temperature become a little more friendly, I’l be sending pictures!


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