Episode 146 – On the road again!

Episode 146 - On the road again! Monday May 6, 2013


This week the guys are playing it loose and cool. James is traveling and Chris is fresh off the road. No real news being discussed; the guys are catching up after a 3 week hiatus, lots of travel, broken bikes and... did we talk about travel?


  • Kali Naza helmet (Chris, non-carbon)

  • Big Skinny Wallets (Chad Bolling)



  • Colin Magnusson - resigning as a listener

  • Colin Magnusson - Powerlet heated jacket feedback

  • Kurt Wahtera - Kali Helmets

  • David Gore - questions


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2 thoughts on “Episode 146 – On the road again!

  1. Question regarding this podcast: what did Chris mean saying this: “Anybody who’s ever driven a connie 14 will never argue there’s power loss going on there.” Are you saying we C14 riders feel there’s power loss or that the shaft doesn’t impact power? Or that it does? Let me tell you, the only comparison in the Kawi fleet would be the ZX-1400 because it’s the same mill but it’s not a completely fair comparison because the C14 is de-tuned. Generally speaking, if memory serves, the shaft can consume up to 15% of the net RWHP compared to a chain drive, however, this factor is difficult to unscientifically calculate due to so many variables. I can tell you that the C14 is incredibly quick and I don’t see that the shaft is guilty of robbing much power. In regards to the C14’s “can” that is not necessarily accurate that many C14 owners aren’t happy with the stock can. Not from a performance aspect, at least. Perhaps from an aesthetic point of view, but not from mine. It’s fine for me. Some have replaced the single with duals and done other mods as well to boost power, which is kind-of unnecessary in my opinion. I mean, how fast does a Sport Touring bike need to be? Anyway, just wondering what y’all meant by that. Thanks.

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