Episode 147: Mental Yoga


Episode 147: Mental Yoga

May 13, 2013

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3 thoughts on “Episode 147: Mental Yoga

  1. In regards to the guy that was deciding between the G9 and the SMH-10. I’ve had a Scala G4 for some time and I just recently switched the the SMH-10. Get the SMH-10. If the G9 is anything like the G4 it will be a pain-in-the-ass to use. The SMH-10 is so simple and the sound clarity is much better than the G4. They also make a mount that has the female connector for earbuds.

  2. Hi guys, just heard you threatening to get rid of the early episodes again. You need to resist this urge. I went back, started at 1 and learned several things. First, you have gotten better at your craft, congratulations. Mixing must be harder than it seems. I no longer have to listen with my hand on the volume control. Two, you have cool taste in music and good friends to be guests. Three, Chris shovels the snow in full riding gear.

    Thanks for a great show.


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