May 22, 2013 – a rambling mess

May 22, 2013 ThePaceFINAL-300x116
Hey guys, No full show this week. Instead I give you my rambling excuses and sloppy begging for apologies. Seriously, though, this is all me this week. I just let my week get away from the with some stuff I have going on, and the show suffered this week. My apologies. -- ch
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6 thoughts on “May 22, 2013 – a rambling mess

  1. We will be here when you are ready to come back Chris. I miss the show and hearing your voices as I have said before you guys pulled me out of a place that I didn’t want to be in. Take the break and come back when you are inthe right place as well.

  2. Hang in there Chris, I just filed papers this week. Good days are right around the corner. Twist the throttle, lean into it and smile you’ll get there.

  3. Chris,
    Sorry to hear about the difficult life issues. I had to leave my kids with their mother about 3.5 years ago, dealt with lawyers and anger and bitterness…I would not wish it on anyone, especially a dad who cares about his children. I hope you and your kids get through it with as little scarring as possible.

    You and James run a great podcast, listen whenever I get a chance.

  4. Damn, sorry to hear, Chris. Been there, done that. Write a monthly forever alimony check because of it too. Hope you dodge that bullet. Take care.

  5. Hang in there Chris.

    It does get better, and the kids are normally very understanding, even if the ex-spouse isn’t helping smooth the waters.

  6. Hang tite Chris, always darkest before the dawn. Hurts like hell, but…..

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