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We received this feedback from listener Randy Lovegreen, and I thought I'd take a moment and post the question and the feedback I sent Randy directly. Hey Guys, I have been listening to the show for quite a while now and I really enjoy it. I was just wondering how you guys monetize the podcast? It must take a ton of time to prep, record and edit the show each week. Surely it would be helpful if you could make a few bones in the process? If nothing else it could feed the gear habit... I listen to quite a few podcasts, and many of them have actual sponsors. However, several simply become affiliates and put a link on their page. Then, if folks shop at Amazon, as long as they click through your page you get a small piece of the deal. I buy a lot of stuff from Amazon, and would be happy to click through your site to do so if it would support the show. It's not that I love commercials, but I realize how much time and effort goes into a weekly production. I figure if it's worth your time, you will keep making shows. You keep making shows, I keep enjoying shows. See? Keep up the good work! Thanks, Randy Lovegreen Bakersfield, CA
Randy, I wanted to take a few minutes and answer this letter directly. First off, thank you so much for the kind words. It's great to know after all these years, we're still reaching people and still resonating with at least a few. The regular Q&A feedback is awesome, and it's one of the favorite things James and I really enjoy about doing the show. But getting email that is less about the bikes and not about the show's content - just an opportunity to talk - is something I know I especially enjoy. So thank you for taking the time.
As for how we monetize it, the short - well, the ONLY - answer is... we don't. It's always been a labor of love, and a way to enjoy our love of bikes; it's become something of a hobby in its own right. But that's not to say we don't want to. We definitely have looked into it, and we've taken a purposely conservative approach to trying to make it happen. Personally, I don't mind an interstitial commercial or two in the 'casts I listen to, as long as they're topical and make sense for me - as an audience member - to hear them. I suppose a good example is the TWiT network; all their commercials are pretty well targeted to the audience and make sense in the context of the various shows. Kevin Smith has "The Fleshlight" as a sponsor on his 'casts; again it probably makes sense for the target audience.
If/when we do commercials, we'll take a similar, very targeted approach. We'll try to always ensure the motorsport or motorcycle enthusiast is the targeted audience of any commercials we do, even if we're selling time for some sort of ancillary product or service. We will not be pimping the Fleshlight
We've toyed with ideas of a donation link, affiliate links, KickStarter projects, subscriptions, etc... We haven't made any firm decisions yet, but do rest assured one of the things James and I both want to do is to keep the show going. We want to branch out on some of the things we discuss/cover, and to try to get even more community involvement. We do need to do something to get at least some offset money coming in at some point; neither of us expects to quit our day jobs and podcast full time, but it sure would be great to recoup a little and have some money available for gear reviews, events, swag, etc.
Stay tuned... things are happening.
Again, I just wanted to take the time to respond, and to thank you for taking an interest. Obviously this isn't the kind of thing we'll get into too much during show feedback discussion Thanks again! -- Chris
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3 thoughts on “Great listener question

  1. I applaud you guys not having commercials and doing the show as a labor of love- having said that, since you guys are mostly *talking* about bikes and not out-and-out reviewing them, I wouldn’t mind if you monetized the show. When I was doing the Handgun Podcast I refused commercial sponsors because I didn’t want to be beholden to saying some company made nothing but great products if it wasn’t true. Ruger introduced some great guns during that time, and also some tremendously stupid ones, and I wanted to keep my freedom to say so. But for a coffee and conversation type of show, ads for a line or safety gear you really like or something wouldn’t be out of place or offensive.

  2. Hi Chris and James, as a long time listener I would like to help out with keeping The Pace going forward. I personally would rather see a subscription membership or donation type thing rather than commercials. But what ever you guys come up with please let me know.

    Thanks Jim Enny
    Dutchess County, New York

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