Episode 153: Practically a Buell Blast


Episode 153: Practically a Buell Blast

Aug 6, 2013

Rally update:
  • Fuzzy Galore leading the points race
  • 02Tac running in 2nd place
  • Bringing up 3rd place is Sandi





  • Dean McCurdy

  • Troy Cummings

  • Kevin Neatt

Theme music composed and performed by Raoul Lowe

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3 thoughts on “Episode 153: Practically a Buell Blast

  1. I have to agree with James’s recommendation of the Eagle Creek Pack-It Folder. I have been using one of these for years to pack dress shirts and polo’s for use in soft luggage. The other item I would recommend is their Travel Packing Cubes. These are a great item to pack t-shirts and underwear in small sizes and maximizing your packing space.

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