Episode 155 – That’s not OK

Episode 155 - That’s not OK. Sept. 9, 2013


Scotchgard. That’s how you spell customer service. Or not. Meanwhile, Kali fixes you right up. James talks about his Tiger 800 extended test ride and talks about gloves. Chris briefly reviews the Scorpion Hat Trick jacket, and we learn that Scorpion makes a heck of a rain liner. Speaking of the wet stuff, Harley uses wat… er…. “precision twin” cooling in their new engines. The guys get their love fest on and sing Kumbaya at Rushmore. 2014 seems like a really good year for motorcycles. ABS FOR EVERYONE! STEP RIGHT UP! Then there’s feedback. Lots and lots of feedback! Join in… send your questions and comments to feedback@thepacepodcast.com.

Editorial / commentary:

  • Kali customer service

  • Olympia customer service





  • Jordan Yaruss

  • Max Wedge

  • Russell Hoffman

  • Jeff Katzer

Theme song composed and performed by Raoul Lowe

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3 thoughts on “Episode 155 – That’s not OK

  1. Thanks for addressing my short fingered gloves question! I’m famous now! You mentioned getting the Lee Parks gloves sized in person in New York. Where, specifically would you do that? Thanks!

  2. At the New York International Motorcycle Show. That’s where I bought my Lee Parks gloves a few years ago. It’s held at the Javits Center. I think it’s in December this year.

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