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As I prepare for four glorious days worth of riding in New York and Pennsylvania I realized that I haven't updated my pack list for motorcycle trips in a couple years. I sat down yesterday to do just that. This list is geared towards the Sprint GT which has enough storage on board to keep me on the road indefinitely. If we were talking about the SV, it would be much shorter. What do you think? Am I missing anything?

Garage [ ]Air pump [ ]Patch kit [ ]Small can of Plexus [ ]Cleaning cloth for shield

[ ]GPS

[ ]Chain lube [ ]Tire pressure gauge

Packed Gear [ ]Rain gear

[ ]Spare gloves [ ]Clear shield

[ ]Spare ear plugs

Photo [ ]DSLR [ ]50mm [ ]70-210mm [ ]Tripod [ ]Spare camera battery

[ ]Camera battery charger

Electronics [ ]Lightning cable [ ]30 pin cable [ ]USB wall plug adapter for iPad [ ]USB cigarette plug adapter [ ]Phone

[ ]iPad [ ]Micro USB cable for charging Sena SMH 10

[ ]Micro USB to Lightning adapter


[ ]T-Shirts (number of days +1) [ ]Boxers (number of days +1) [ ]1 pair of shorts

[ ]1 pair of jeans [ ]Casual shoes [ ]1 casual jacket or sweatshirt [ ]Light weight ski socks (number of days +1)

[ ]Normal socks (number of days)

Toiletries and Drugs [ ]Tooth brush [ ]Tooth paste

[ ]Deodorant [ ]Prescriptions [ ]Aspirin

[ ]Vitamins

Absolute Necessities

[ ]Bottle opener


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7 thoughts on “Packing List

  1. I am not one to judge another’s packing list, as mine is often either sadly lacking or completely over the top (I am getting a lot better though), but I do have a comment about the photo gear. I have a pretty nice DSLR, which I scrimped and saved to buy, and some pretty good glass as well. After lugging all that around for many trips I began to hate worrying about the safety and security of that one thing – and the weight and volume it took up. I decided for our big trip last year to take only one lens- a good 35mm prime. I still got some great pics, and because it was a quality lens I can blow up the pictures I wasn’t able to get close enough for good framing.
    This was only a semi-success, so I think maybe next year I’ll get a nice mirrorless compact. I know I can’t expect the same quality photos, but judging by the recent advances in camera technology it will be close, and it will be SO nice to just chuck it in a bag and go. No more dedicated cases, a lot less worry.

  2. Agreed. That’s why I’m limiting my kit to 2 lenses. I’m still trying to decide if I’m taking my strobe. If I did not have a big, locking top box on the bike I’d be carrying a Canon G9 instead.

  3. For me, the toolkit and patch kit are always on the bike anyway; the ‘Strom has a beautiful storage area under the rear cowls that my kit and air pump fill nicely. The last overnight trip I took included my toothbrush and personal items, extra under layers and a t-shirt or two. The whole thing packed in about 1/2 a walmart bag. I liked that. I find myself packing lighter and lighter for the shorter trips.

    From your list, James, it looks like you covered everything. Riding solo vs. 2-up makes a big change in the packing, too. My last trip was 2-up and we both made everything fit in a single 45 liter top case and 11 liter tank bag.

  4. Roadside assistance card. I got caught without mine one when I needed a tow. Also, paper maps for where you’ll be traveling as a backup, microfiber towels to clean the bike, or you, and plenty of water, some non-junk food snacks, a good toolkit, and a camping headlamp with fresh batteries. Have fun!

  5. One thing that would concern me on your Photo List is no backup or extra memory. I know you said no laptops but i’d bring a cheap netbook. just for backing up photos.

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