Episode 160: Partially Mental


November 5th, 2013

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4 thoughts on “Episode 160: Partially Mental

  1. Thanks for the mention and the iTunes reviews. For the record yllekgluap is my name backwards.

    Paul G Kelly
    ’72 CB350

  2. I have really enjoyed your discussion on the CTX1300 and figured I would give you my initial thoughts.

    I see this bike as a different take on the Street Glide / bagger style bikes. A bike for the person that likes cruisers but doesn’t care for all the lifestyle baggage that comes with owning a Harley. ( I find myself in this category.). Is $17,000 too much for this bike? Engineering, feature, and quality wise I am sure it stands up well in a comparison with the Harley. Can Honda command elevated pricing on anything other than the Goldwing? So far, the answer seems to be no. From what I have seen so far the CTX1300 really impresses me.

    On another note, how cool would this thing be in a Police version. A KZ1000P for the 21st century!

    Anyway, I say Go Honda. In my book they have been on a roll lately.


  3. Chad, I fully agree. I continue to think that at 13-15k, this bike would do very, very well… as non-Harley bikes of that class can do. But at 17k, the only reason to really buy one is to 1) WANT that particular bike, style and feature set, or 2) to specifically NOT want a Harley.

    1000 CCs really seems to be the point where Honda’s collective head goes back up their rump when it comes time to have the pricing discussions.

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