Episode 164: Who are they building this for?

Episode 164 January 22, 2014 ThePaceFINAL-300x116

Death of a V-Strom! Great new tires! Bits in your boingers? And if that isn’t crazy enough, Lotus goes two-wheeling. Or at least their name does. On the upside, no one’s sure if that’s actually going to come to market. That might be a good thing. And speaking of coming to market, we speculate on the veracity of a new Yamaha R3. TRIPLE? Hmmm…. maybe not. But it’s good to ponder, and ponder we do. With gusto, and stuff.

We then try to catch up on the email and feedback, and listener Christopher Knox gives us a picture of his lowered V-Strom.

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  • Jonathan Clegg

  • Christopher Knox

  • Ronald Crouch

  • Roland Cannon

  • Ed Day

  • Zack Skogsberg

Chris Knox and his lowered V-Strom

Chris Knox and his lowered V-Strom

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One thought on “Episode 164: Who are they building this for?

  1. Hi Guys,
    I really enjoy your show, listening helps break the monotony of winter here in CT. I was listening to you guys discuss OEM seats in episode 164 and couldn’t agree more. I have a 2007 Honda ST1300 and had the same issue James had, mine being way too hard. It was a bike with a 300 plus mile fuel range and an 80 mile seat – this being said after owning and touring on sport bikes for many years.
    What to do without breaking the bank on an aftermarket seat? After reading many favorable reviews I sent both my front and rear seats down to Spencer’s Motorcycle Seat Mods in Florida (greatdaytoride.com) for a pad modification using LD foam. It was back so fast I couldn’t believe it and completely retained its stock appearance. The result, a 500 plus mile seat for less than $200.00. I couldn’t be happier with the result 4 years on.
    I agree that stock seats are a conspiracy……….
    Jason Woodward

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