Episode 167: If I Have to Make Something Up

Episode 167

March 9th 2014







  • Roland Cannon

  • Moto Ed

  • Steve Grasso

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Moto Media XXX Press Release


Baltimore, MD

Moto Media XXX will make its debut at the AMA Pro Road Racing event in Daytona Beach, Florida for the Daytona 200 Weekend at Daytona International Speedway.

Moto Media XXX was formed during the 2013 off-season.  Breeann Poland, former AMA Pro Road Racing Team Manager and Sasha Valentine, Co-Founder of the International Blog site Café Racer XXX have come together to create Moto Media XXX.  Moto Media XXX is a marketing and promotions company dedicated to preserving and growing the race scene and supporting the overall motorcycle lifestyle.  The main goal is to drive up fan attendance and provide entertainment for fans of all ages at the track.  We also plan to create custom events in the motorcycle community.  We will offer marketing services and social media services to racers to help build their programs and attract sponsors.

“We saw a need for more to do at the track, says Poland. “While the racing is top notch many fans, sponsors and teams are left wandering aimlessly throughout the tracks during race weekends.  It has become harder for fans to justify spending money to go the track and not bringing friends and family along.  We aim to have a little something for everyone to enjoy.  Each track will have a custom event geared for the local demographics and track layout.”

At Daytona International Speedway, we have been lucky enough to have an opportunity to support the Sprint FANZONE with a “Café Racer Village”.  Moto Media XXX will provide an array of entertainment including a DJ spinning music all day, a custom motorcycle village lined with builders and their displays including: Café Racer XXX, Loaded Gun Customs, Triumph America, Soul Custom, Old Soul Young Blood, TT Motosport, Hangar Cycleworks, Rusted Jalopy, Benderwerks , and Why We Ride.  Not only will some of the latest builds and merchandise be on display, but builders may be finishing off their latest builds in real time.  Fans will be able to ride their builds into the fan zone to be part of a bike show.  Swag giveaways by Ace Café and Café Racer TV and MotoArt by muchomoto.  “Real Talk” will be hosted by Kevin Dunworth (of Loaded Gun Customs and Café Racer XXX) that will highlight builder and race personalities at the event.

Moto Media XXX will also be supporting select AMA Pro Flat Track events throughout the season.  “Two wheels translate and we really want to drum up excitement within the two wheel community and drive support to the races where it is greatly needed, says Valentine.”

Thanks to the great folks at AMA Pro Racing and Daytona International Speedway for having faith in us and allowing us to take part in this great event.


Christopher Knox’s Tiger 800 photo (he finally brought it home)

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One thought on “Episode 167: If I Have to Make Something Up

  1. I checked out the MSF collection on iTunes U as you suggested. Pretty cool. The course entitled “An Adventure in Motorcycle Physics” was taken from a DVD that the MSF produced, and it has some good information in it.

    Here is the link to get right to the course:

    Motorcycle Physics:

    The one on counter-steering is very good:

    Group Riding:

    The good:
    The courses are free, and you can watch them on many devices.
    There are documents that accompany the videos.
    Each video is only 1-5 minutes long, so it is pretty easy to get through the whole course in one sitting. Much of the content is pretty common-sense information for expereinced riders, but new riders could get a lot of information from the series.

    The bad:
    Some documents were not easy to download. Make sure you go into itunes to be get the documents. You can click the cloud download link on the right of the interface to get them.
    I found that some of the topics were just overviews. so I would also look to other resources to round-out your training and research.

    I recommend these books:

    Motorcycling Excellence

    Sportbike Riding Techniques

    Also, remember that actual seat time on the road, taking a course itself, and using the techniques from these learning resources when you practice will all make you a better rider. It is best to train your brain, eyes, and hands to make safety maneuvers second-nature when you need them.

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