Episode 168: Carbon Freaking Fibre

Episode 168

Recorded on March 30, 2014


Reviews: News: Pics of a motorcycle in a Honda Element: Feedback
  • James in MA
  • Ryan Murto
  • Daniel Mozer
  • Daniel Dyer
  • Sandra Roush & Timothy Crump and others…

Theme music composed and performed by Raoul Lowe

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One thought on “Episode 168: Carbon Freaking Fibre

  1. Hey guys, been listening to you both for a few years now. Its enjoyable to hear about other riders and their rides and real world experience with bikes and gear. Im in North Dakota, yes, number 5ish?on your list of bikes per person in the CONUS.

    Currently surrounded by soon to be Darwinism riders that ride for the look and get out to early while theres a lot of grit on the winter roads…and no helmet. What can we say, we’re gluttons for punishment when we can only ride for 5 months of the year, and the 7 is spent in hibernation.

    Heard someone write in feedback from Fargo a couple episodes ago and figured if you read his, you might even read mine.

    Anyway, about the blaze side luggage. I heard chris mention that Liz has what I think was a 919…Is this the honda cb900f hornet 919? If so, thats what i have and have been thinking about side luggage and its debacle with the high mount exhaust for years now…without investing into a hardbag givi or the likes setup.

    If you could so kindly point me to a link to where i might source this for my 919, or a system that works from another bike of this blaze luggage system id truly be grateful. I checked out twisted website, and didnt find one listed.

    Keep up the reviews, the banter, and advice for new riders going.

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