Episode 170 – RIP, Tamburini Man

Episode 170 - RIP, Tamburini Man Recorded on: 4/10/2014 Released on: 4/13/2014






Honorable mention:





  • Martin Kniep

  • Jon DelVecchio

  • John Hart

  • Bryce Purden - from Tasmania

  • Jeff Hachmann

  • Dick Young

  • Greg Buckmaster

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One thought on “Episode 170 – RIP, Tamburini Man

  1. Hey guys! Just started to listen to your podcasts and am really enjoying your segments. I have a question and would like your insight. I have been riding since 2004 when I got my first motorcycle the 04 Yamaha R6. Been riding it every year and I feel like it’s a part of me. However, I am now 33 and am feeling like a new bike is now in store for me. On your latest podcast you made mention of the hammer 8 ball and how you guys like it….. except for the footpegs. That is a bike I have been eyeing for a while and am very interested in. Coming from riding a sports bike and making the transition into a cruiser I know will a little bit of getting used to.
    Being that I am 6’3, do you think that long rides will be comfortable on the hammer? I ride 46 miles to work and the 46 back home. I know you guys will say to go for a test ride, but I would have to wait a while for my dealer to offer that again and I don’t know when that would be. Now I hear that sitting on cruisers takes a bit of a toll on your back when you first start …… is that true?? A bit of a concern because I do have my L4 and L5 (two lowest) spine disks herniated. Thanks in advance!

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