Giveaway time… Jake Bible book pack

Ok The Pace Podcast listeners... It's giveaway time again.... This time I've got a four-book prize pack courtesy of sci-fi/horror author Jake Bible of Jake Bible's Wasteland. How do YOU win over $60 worth of books, signed by the author, you ask? Show me an artsy picture of your motorcycle. I'm not talking about walking out to your garage with your cell phone. Show us the bike(s) in a landscape or a cool location, give us some weird lighting or effects, or just plain show us a super-photogenic bike. Win Jake's "apex trilogy" including Dead Mech, The Americans and Metal and Ash, along with his YA novel, Little Dead Man. EMail your pictures to (and post them here for others to see, though we'll only take entries from email). We'll run the contest through the month of May. Get out and get some pictures! 11959_718325321558838_476214577999313616_n
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2 thoughts on “Giveaway time… Jake Bible book pack

  1. In addition to the other stuff on your guys travel list, I would suggest the following…$50.00 to $100.00 dollars stashed somewhere on the bike or your person…Staying off the beaten path mean sometime the gas station or food stop don’t have credit card machines..Cash always works…Second spare keys to the bike and luggage…I was 200 miles from home one time when I found out I couldn’t get in my luggage….I forgot the luggage keys at home…Now there is a spare set stashed under the seat, and a spare bike key on my person…



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