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Cage match is on! ONE VICTOR WILL STAND ALONE. Or some crap like that. We narrowed it down to 7 finalists, and we need help making the final decisions. Please cast your votes in the blog comment section. In no particular order... (photos should be clickable to get the full-sized versions where applicable) Mr. Bohnert's sunlit cruiser bohnert_1 Bryce's VFR, standing out in the crowd: bryce_1 Clay's flat tracker bringing sexy to the party: clay_1 Dan Yowell's R6/HDR: dan_yowell_1 Mr. Gillenwater's Maximus Veus: gillenwater_1 Kevin Kocher's traipsing 'Strominator: kevin_kocher_1 Will Munck's Painted Italian Water Monster: will_munck_1 What say ye...?
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31 thoughts on “Cast your votes!

  1. I gotta go with the R6. I considered which I would want a poster of hung on my garage wall, and that one does it for me. I love the tree.

    Second place for content was the VFR group shot. Second place for poster quality goes to the Tracker. The image in uninspiring, but the bike is SWEET.

  2. The picture of the R6 is fantastic! I have to go with that.

  3. I should probably vote for mine, but clay’s flat tracker does things to me.

  4. Bryce’s group shot. The composition is all wrong, but sometimes you get good pics by breaking the rules.

  5. As I’m not gouche enough to vote for myself. . I like the use of HDR in that R6 photo.

    Also. . Water Monster may have just replaced Green Goblin as my bikes name. Haha

  6. Dan’s R6. Street bikes are not my thing, but that is a great photo.

  7. Clay’s flat tracker gets my vote – nice bike, nice pic. Though the r6 and vfr were close runners-up.

  8. Dan Yowell’s R6/HDR. I like the flat tracker, but Dan’s picture is awesome.

  9. My Flat Tracker! Thanks for the compliments- the picture was shot by my buddy Brad- we did some “glamour” shots of it. That R6 is a sweet shot though.

  10. Dan Yowell’s R6/HDR

    I’d change my vote to Will Munck’s Painted Italian Water Monster if I was sure that it was actually painted and not just a PS effect 🙂

  11. Hands down, Dans R6. As someone said earlier, great picture for a garage wall

  12. I might change my vote form the R6 to Clay’s flat tracker…..I love them both, and I like the way the R6 “pops” in the photograph…..but I am getting more “attracted” to the yellow Yamaha the more I look at it!

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