Episode 177 – Honda’s getting a little naked

Episode 177 Honda's getting a little naked ThePaceFINAL-300x116
Recorded - 7/13/2014 The guys discuss Honda's filling-up lineup of vehicles at every size and price point, Suzuki finally upping their naked bike offerings by announcing a GSR1000, EBR's SX bike... that's a LOT of torque. The Yamaha FZ07 - is it worth it? And hey, if Harley-Davidson can't electrify you, who can? News:  
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One thought on “Episode 177 – Honda’s getting a little naked

  1. Hi Guys,
    Thank you very much for your entertaining and informative shows . They keep me company delivering my mail route in Colorado . I commute to my job 10 months out of the year . The only things that keeps the bike in the garage is ice and snow . My question is why hasn’t any major manufacturer put a windshield wiper system on their bikes . Especially cruisers . Many a time I had to squint and try to peer through the drops on my face shield and windshield to see what’s up ahead. I have a wiper on my gloves and the addition of the windshield wiper would dramatically improve safety . Your knowledge and opinion would be greatly appreciated . Thank you,

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