Episode 179: The things we don’t care about

Episode 179: The things we don't care about ThePaceFINAL-300x116
This week the guys pontificate on things they just don't care about... then comment on a few things they do care about. It's hard to tell with these guys. Do they like it? Do they not? Do they even know what they're talking about this week? It's a crap shoot; you just never know what these guys will like. You know what they do like though...? They like the new Indian Scout. They also like guessing and wondering and making complete off the cuff guesses about the new Ducati Scrambler. Again. While they're at it, and talking about things they care about, they discuss keeping warm in the high desert... or is that dessert? They discuss, again, gauntlet and armored gloves, and hey... They toss out a nod to Long Rider Radio. Review: Gel grips News: 2015 Indian Scout Ducati Scrambler (again) Things we don’t care about: 2015 Road Glide Indian Roadmaster Victory Magnum Links: Aerostich TL-Tec fleece http://www.streetskills.net/Jon_s_Articles/jon_s_articles.html Long Rider Radio Feedback:
  • Dan Klapman
  • Matt Szostak
  • Mike @ Long Riders Radio
  • Kahlil Seymour
  • Jon DelVecchio
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2 thoughts on “Episode 179: The things we don’t care about

  1. Thanks for the mention in the podcast guys, I appreciate it. I always enjoy listening to your show and glad the knee is ready to go, been having a little problem with my left knee and keep putting off the inevitable. Maybe this winter when the riding season slows up some.

  2. Ok….so here is my comment for the guy with the Royal Enfield who wants to have the North East event…..”Go for it!” I have never organized a motorcycle event, but I have pulled together other events….other reunions, and 80% of the battle is just setting up the event and picking the date. This is especially true if there are others interested….and of there is an active Enfield Forum, strike while the iron is hot!

    I would utilize the dealer in a big way….they can reach out to people they have sold bikes to, and of course will love pulling users together into a “club” or sorts. The Ural of New England dealership has been having Ural gatherings for several years and the Ural owners come from far and wide…..just to meet like-minded owners like themselves, and even though I don’t have a Ural, I love them and show up at their event JUST to see all the customizations they make to their ride……and the Ural deal is Russian, and his wife makes some Russian food…..but the “keep it simple” rule is a good one.

    I like the idea of organizing a motel for people riding in….and some basic outline of a day….just a simple ride would be good, and I bet the dealer could help with that one too!

    I assume the NH dealer you are talking about is National Power Sports, and I bought a bike from them back in about 2005 (I think around when they first came to be) and they were great…..I know they are a sponsor of “Long-Haul Paul” Pelland, so I think they are a great bunch of people. Work with them…and GO FOR IT!



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