Episode 180: You can’t call these naked

Episode 180 - You can’t call these naked Recorded August 17, 2014 ThePaceFINAL-300x116
  • Be careful out there… how a car blocked my way.
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  • Dimitar Dramchev
  • Lloyd Hudson
  • Roland Cannon
  • Doug Kneissl
  • Heather Doll
  • Ken Blasor
  • Gary Ruuska
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One thought on “Episode 180: You can’t call these naked

  1. Another old bike comment.

    There is one seemingly counter-intuitive aspect of old bikes and reliability that is seldom mentioned. I have a 92 BMW R100 GS that is my daily driver. I ride every day in all weather and the bike spends more time off road and at track days than is probably really healthy for a 22 year old motorcycle. I believe it is the daily use that keeps it running well. This keeps the carbs clean, all the lube flowing and points out small problems before they become big ones. In addition, I always take the bike in to a very good BMW mechanic for its 5,000 mile maintenance intervals; for me this works out to twice a year. Beyond that I don’t baby it all. I would leave tomorrow for Alaska with no hesitation. In addition, there is essentially nothing that can go wrong with this old GS that would make it more expensive to own than a new GS. I think some people get frustrated with old bikes because they have one that they only take out on special occasions, only to find the carbs gummed up, battery dead or a mouse nest in the air filter.

    Sure on my rainy commute today ABS would have been nice, but beyond that, this old bikes does everything I need it to do, every day.

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