Contest time again: Aeromoto RoadPro waterproof textile jacket

ThePaceFINAL-300x116 Ok, folks... another contest for you. 1622219_10152661906995586_891714012818753043_nThe prize this time is an Aeromoto Road Pro waterproof textile jacket, size large, in eye-bleeding yellow, and of course a Pace Podcast sticker for your bike, car or toolbox. Please see episode 184 for review. This jacket was worn and reviewed by Chris, in temps from low-60s to upper-80s, both clear, sunny days and cool rainy days (since the review), and has performed admirably. How can you win this? Reply to this post on with a link to your current jacket (either a picture of yours, or the MFG's website for the same model), and give us a few words on why you chose it, how well it's lived up to your expectations, and if you would recommend it to others. We'll compile this data and come up with a "Listener's recommendation list", and post it. (extra credit for pictures of older, rattier but beloved jackets!) 10534196_10152661907260586_4518725234066858704_nWinner will be chosen at random from those submitting a response. Contest will run through the month of October, drawing held on the last day of the month. Get your friends involved, help spread the word about the 'cast, and of course, about our contests and show. Please enter anyway if you decide you don't want or need the jacket, and simply state in your reply you're just playing along for fun. Details on the jacket can be found at the Competition Accessories website ( ), and please be sure to check the sizing chart for fit. We have one of these, and we're asking that if you enter the contest to win, please be able to use the jacket, or pass it on to someone who can. Thanks!
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28 thoughts on “Contest time again: Aeromoto RoadPro waterproof textile jacket

  1. I currently have two main jackets, but this one is most like my “cold/wet weather” jacket, so I’ll comment on that one. I currently ride with a Tourmaster Saber Series 2 jacket. I actually submitted a review to your podcast on the jacket, and it was played in ep76. I chose this jacket because it was cheap and had all of the features I wanted, 3/4 length, integrated waterproof liner, full-sleeve insulated liner, and not all black. Since then, I have loved the jacket, except for this year it has developed a leak in the waterproofing near my left bicep after being washed with NikWax. Otherwise, it has been a great jacket, but I will likely be shopping for a replacement when stuff starts to go on clearance this spring. A waterproof jacket that isn’t waterproof is not much use.

  2. I have a Teknic Sprint Convertible jacket. It’s my only jacket, but it does well in all conditions. It is basically a mesh jacket with a waterproof zip-on outer layer. That’s why I bought it. I couldn’t afford multiple jackets for different conditions. It fits well, has good protective armor, and keeps me cool in the summer, warm in cooler weather, and dry in the rain. Couldn’t ask for much more than that. The jacket has gone through some revisions since I bought it, but is still available in similar form.

  3. I currently have two “go-to” jackets…a FirstGear Mesh and a Bilt. I’ve had others in the past that I can no longer wear (including a Kili Air and a Joe Rocket textile) as they fit the 350# version of me but not so much the 198# version…nice problem to have.
    Regarding the “Bilt”…The jacket fits well and has adequate features…but the LH Zipper function drove me batty. I eventually took the jacket to a local tailor and had the zipper “swapped” for one which is a RH zipper…making it far more suitable / intuitive for me to use. Fit of the jacket is such that I can wear it either with or without the liner, which makes it use for use in spring / summer / fall riding. So far I haven’t tested the abrasion-resistance of the textile…or the impact-absorption properties of the elbow / shoulder / back pads. Hopefully I will never have to report on such…

  4. I have a First Gear mesh that works great as summer jacket, remarkably cool and comfortable. It has about 8,000 miles on it and is holding up very well.

    My go to jacket is an Aerostich Darien I have worn it in the rain, sleet, hail and sunshine. It is comfortable in down to the 20’s with lots of layers and with the vents open as long as you are moving it is comfortable up to 80. The having the Gor-Tex bonded to the shell is worth the money, no liners to mess with or forget. What can I say it lives up to the hype.

  5. I wear one jacket year round. The summer without a liner and the vents open, the winter lined, vents closed, a tshirt and snowmobile gloves. So far I have made it over a 100 degrees and down to 9 degrees Fahrenheit . It’s heavy and isn’t a big fan of rain, or snow, but it works well when it is dry. Fall is nice, but I dread having to wait for days that the snow plows have done there job, the roads are dry and I can ride in the winter. We already had our first heavy snow, so I missed a day.

  6. I am currently in a TourMaster Flex Series 2. I bought this when I thought one jacket with one million layers to mix & match for the conditions was perfect. However, very rarely do I carry all three parts at once…
    That being said, it has been a very good jacket – with the liner, it is warm enough to wear into the upper 40’s with a decent base layer. Without the liner, the open mesh is comfortable in most any summer riding. The armor fits properly in riding position.
    The waterproof outer liner has been pretty decent in it’s limited use, but it’s usually hanging up at home when I’m caught out in the rain…and now the zipper pull for the outer layer is broken and MIA.
    This jacket is an XXL and fit me well in the 6’1, 260-290-ish range. Now that I’m 6’1, 205-ish – the fit is “sloppy”.

  7. Ok….so I have a few bits of clothing to report on.

    1) Tourmaster Flex Series 2 Jacket……it is warm, and I think it is wonderful in the rain.

    2) Nitro Racing Jacket (Mesh) – Nice ventilation, good warm to hot weather jacket

    3) Tourmaster Overpants – Easy to put on, fairly rugged, and I thought they were pretty good in the rain.

    4) Built Vortex Waterproof Textile Motorcycle Pants – So nice and warm….very waterproof. Comfy in the cold.

    5) Scorpion Passport One Piece Suit – Warm, Waterproof and pretty easy to enter and exit. I think it runs a little small, but what a GREAT price….well worth it!

  8. My current primary jacket is a Firstgear “Jaunt” 3/4 length jacket – bought from Competition Accessories during a closeout sale almost two years ago for something like $80 (originally retailed for over $200 – but is no longer available as it has been replaced by the “Jaunt T2″). I have been very happy with the jacket. It is waterproof, has a removable full-sleeve thermal liner and good venting – and has been comfortable in a wide variety of weather. I will say that it does get hot in slow traffic once the temps exceed 90*F or so – but that is probably true of any non-mesh riding jacket. It does have a double-zipper, so it can be unzipped from either end. In warmer weather, I leave the top snap open, fold the neck closure over on itself (velcro), and unzip the top a couple of inches and the bottom about 6” or so and that enables the jacket to flow a lot more air. The jacket has many very useful pockets – including one specifically for your phone (and is perfectly sized for my Motorola Moto X) – which is in the jacket shell AND the thermal liner… very nice touch. The waist and cuffs are velcro-adjustable. I have zero complaints about this jacket – especially given the amount I paid for it. If you can still find one available somewhere, I highly recommend it. This review covers it in much more detail:

  9. I have 3 jackets all leather one with no armour, blue and white BMW racing one and it is terrible for protection, none at all but it looks nice lol. A custom airbrushed rocker jacket that only has what I guess is foam you use for filling cushions which is also terrible but looks nice and is seriously worn it’s real old school from the 80’s both of those jackets I was given and my 3rd proper motorcycle jacket is a terrible gear x care racer jacket which I thought looked good but regretted buying it’s ce armour is terrible, it’s not waterproof, it’s not very warm and after purchasing it I realised everyone but his mother had it haha so i’m in the market for a new jacket lol

  10. I have a Ixon Alloy jacket. The main reason I bought this jacket was the air flow and the looks. This jacket lets a lot of air circulate around your body. This was very needed in Italy where I bought the jacket, but more needed now that I am stationed iin El Paso, Texas.

    Expectations. This looked like a hot weather jacket and lives up to it. Plenty of air moves through the light jacket.. The jacket provides limited protection, but it was not designed for wear on the track. It is great when riding in the heat/humidity. I will never ride without protection even when it is 115. This means I have to find a decent jacket that does not make me go into heat stroke. Hence, the Ixon Alloy. I have th red, white and black model. Looks nice and again, provides a lot of air to keep cool.

    I would recommend it to a friend that lives in hot climates or is going on a long cross country ride as it came with a waterproof jacket that does a good enoug job. It also is very foldable to place in a tank bag or other stowage area.

  11. I presently wear a Joe Rocket Alter Ego jacket
    The outer textile fabric feels tough and I trust it to protect me decently if I take a spill on the road. The outer textile layer zips off making it a good flowing mesh jacket that still has protection for the arms and shoulders. The convertible nature of the jacket is it’s main selling point to me. I like to go on multi day riding trips so I need gear that keeps me warm and protected when it’s cold out and flows well when it’s hot out – the Alter Ego does just that. It comes with a padded liner for warmth and a water proof liner but I leave those at home. I prefer to use my own mid layer for warmth (Patagonia Nano Puff jacket) and a rain jacket for when it’s raining (Frogg Toggs).
    I highly recommend the Joe Rocket Alter Ego jacket, but I’m looking for a waterproof jacket to use as my Spring/Fall jacket.

  12. I am currently riding most of the time with my Scorpion Stinger Leather Jacket from a closeout sale.

    I must say the Jacket has treated me very well in temps from 45 – 95 Degrees without issue. at higher temps it gets a bit warm, but above 45 mph it breathes well. In addition is a very well constructed, and comfortable jacket. I have full faith in the armor it comes with, though I would like a real back protector.

    Sometimes i feel like Scorpion is a bit of a hidden gem of a brand. They make great gear at excellent prices. I would not hesitate to recommend the brand and this jacket to anyone.

  13. My loving girlfriend bought me a Field Sheer High Flow Mesh 2 jacket to keep me safe and comfortable about 4 years ago. Tomorrow we celebrate our 2 year wedding anniversary. Coincedence? I think not. This jacket has seen 18°F to over 100°F rain, sleet, snow, hail, sun, and about 30,000 mi. From the cabbot trail to the dragon, and lots of boring commuting in between it has served me very well. Not a single failure to speak of, the velcro at the collar is getting a little worn out but it still works. Waterproof inner liner never leaks and does a great job cutting the wind. The zipper out back is the same type as the zipper on my BILT over pants though it is a different length it works well enough to keep my tail feathers down in the wind. No serious color/sun fade so far. I wear it over an army surplus high altitude bomber suit and a gerbings heated vest in the extreme cold. Overall it’s been a perfect garment for all the imperfect conditions I’ve thrown at it. I’d highly recommend it.

  14. I have a Joe Rocket Radar Dark jacket, size 44. I got it at the beginning of last year’s season, and it’s been a wonderful jacket for me. I got it because it fulfilled my desire for a jacket that would flow plenty of air, be comfortable to wear, and leather in the right areas for protection. It is absolutely awesome in the heat with all the air flowing through the mesh portions. With the liner in, and an additional thermal type jacket underneath, I can comfortably ride in town down to about 45 degrees as well. The only concerns that I have with it are how well it would hold up in a crash at the interfaces between the leather and the mesh. I have also been wearing a hi-viz vest on top of it since the end of the last season. I really notice that people take notice with it on, which is a great plus for safety. It also did not hinder the airflow of my jacket by any appreciable amount. Here are the links to the jacket and the vest:

  15. Tourmaster Epic Jacket

    Purchased used, as the price was right, and it was the high-visibility yellow, which matched my helmet.

    Lots of vents, and a liner for when the temperature drops below 40°F.

    The size is XL, 46″ chest. The forearms and biceps are a bit tight on me, and there isn’t much room for a heated jacket liner, but I’ve been loosing some weight, so the jacket is fitting a bit better this fall.


  16. I currently wear a Tourmaster Transition 3.0, just finished my second riding season. It’s ok, but there’s some details which aren’t too well considered, and I’m on my third one (!) after getting (free) replacements due to quality issues.

    Quality issues: my first one had two left sleeves sewn to the liner – returned. The second one saw the velcro of the sleeve cuff closures coming unglued, right away, and numerous fake button heads coming off. Third current one has the same velcro and fake button head issues, but they lasted enough longer that I just kept it.

    Details: the velcro collar closure tab has the hook side on the outer flap, facing inward, so if I don’t line it up just right, the velcro hooks contact my neck – very uncomfortable. The interior pockets are fine, but the outside front lower pockets don’t work too well. They’re gusseted and expand, a lot, but the opening is narrow. They close with a flap held by velcro, but the pockets expand so much that you need two hands to consistently get the pocket properly closed – one to hold the pocket velcro in position, and the other to fold the flap down. Even opening the pockets with one hand is a hassle, as the expanding pockets lift with the flap. Off the bike, the pocket openings angles are all wrong for warming your hands.

    Lots of hi-viz yellow, though, which I like. And, it seems pretty waterproof.

    Pic and info from

  17. Doh! Just after I posted that comment, I rode to work and the main zipper pull broke off when I unzipped! I need a new jacket!

  18. I don’t have a riding jacket. I typically use a NFL letterman jacket with fake leather sleeves like the one in the link. Dangerous, I know, but at least I wear a helmet!

  19. I currently have a Sliders All Season Mesh Jacket from CompAcc. It has been great and I chose it because of the price, color and I wanted something to wear in (almost) all seasons. Without the liners, its great in the summer; with the liners its pretty good in the winter. I ordered it a little snug, so I cant layer much and actually am looking for a dedicated fall/winter jacket now that I am more into riding year round (I jut started last year). Ironically, I am looking at the Aeromoto Road Pro in Large/Hi Viz; and it was a total (lucky) coincidence that that is this rounds giveaway. Maybe all the stars are aligning :o). Anyway, I love my Slider and have never needed to test it in a crash, but it is top notch for the price and I would buy again. Plus, I love the hi-viz and have the matching HJC CL-17.

  20. I’ve had good and bad experiences with higher and lower end jackets. I’ll agree with the sentiment that Tourmaster has slowly let their quality slip away… I had a transition as well and had the zipper fail on me within a year, after spending a good chunk of change on what’s supposed to be a good jacket ( i’ve also had a joe rocket with fitment issues befrore returning it ).. I went the cheaper route. Of course you expect the jackets to break after a certain amount of time, but honestly I’ve been using this jacket for a year now.. tossing it around like it’s disposable and easily replacable.. just a little faded, but nothing unexpected. Check it out

  21. shows this as an open contest but yet the text above shows “Contest Open Through The Month Of October” so pretty much confused if it is open or closed. I can’t really find a way to upload a picture of my jacket either so here is my best description

    All black leather “River Road”

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