Episode 194 – Brad Waldron of Kali Protectives

Episode 194: Brad Waldron of Kali Protectives ThePaceFINAL-300x116
This week James & Chris are talking with Kali Protectives founder, Brad Waldon. Owner Brad Waldron started out in aerospace R&D before pursuing his passions for riding and material science at the consumer level. For Brad there’s no point waking up in the morning if he’s not building the safest, smartest products possible. He knows materials, physics, and manufacturing so that you don’t have to. Chris & James, both, have owned and used Kali products for other two years, and consider Kali and serious contender in the top-shelf helmet market. You can find information about Kali and their products at http://www.kaliprotectives.com/
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One thought on “Episode 194 – Brad Waldron of Kali Protectives

  1. Very informative Podcast! I learned a lot about helmet tech. The prices for these helmets are very reasonable as well. Thank you Brad, and keep up the good work James and Chris.

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