For sale: 1995 Honda Magna

Thanks to a drunk driver, I was in a nasty car crash a couple weeks back and it's going to be months - lots and lots of them - before I can ride again. Horrible time of year to try to sell a bike, but ... I could use the money for upcoming medical bills 'til whatever happens with the lawsuit happens - which could take years. HmArSS2It's a 1995 Magna, yellow, ~17,000 miles. When I got it, it was all decked out in cruiser-typical fashion, and I mechanically returned it to (mostly) stock. Took off the forward controls, all the chrome stuff, etc. It has steel brake line, new pads, a Trailtech Striker digital gauge/computer in place of the stock gauges, and a Honda 919 headlight (much brighter and wider swath of light). Includes tail rack and a tail trunk. I can pull off the tail trunk and put the normal back rest back on if you like. Located in Northern Delaware, $2500, pretty firm but open to reasonable offers, obviously not interested in trades. WqN4gtxPictures are before I swapped out the headlight; the headlight assembly is now black and chrome and larger. No surprises with this bike; the Magna uses the 2nd(?) gen VFR 750 engine with chain cams rather than gear cams, and this one is a rather good example of one. It's not a chromed-out show piece; it's a rider's bike and in very good shape. For those out of the area, I can assist with delivery or meetup, likely in exchange for gas money (if necessary) and/or overnight accommodations (again, if necessary). I have a trailer and tow vehicle. I'm easy to work with.  
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5 thoughts on “For sale: 1995 Honda Magna

  1. Jesus man, that sucks. Really sorry to hear that, especially after your knee surgery and associated riding delays. Hope you heal up fast and strong. Non carborundum illegitimi est, my friend.

  2. Rather than stop riding altogether, I think I’m going to leverage the upcoming Springtime and whatever street value I can get out of the Magna to get myself something lighter and more easily managed. The biggest problem with the Magna is having my arms straight out. I rode it a couple miles up the road to get a haircut last weekend, and after that I had to pop some iburprofen (prescription-strength) and sit on the couch for an hour before I could move my arm again. :\ That position KILLS my injured shoulder. Sitting on Liz’s 919 – knee issues aside – is much more doable. We’ll see how it pans out.

  3. Shoulder injuries are a bitch, I’ve been there. Acupuncture worked wonders for me. I hear you about the light bike. I’m seriously thinking about the new(ish) CB500X, nearly 100lb lighter than my farkle encrusted 800GS, which is, after reflection, not being used in a style befitting it’s pedigree. Commuter bike is what I really need, and the little CB should excel in that role.

  4. Crikey Chris ! Bad luck , divorce , knee op and now a guy hits your car. I really hope you recover quickly and get some positive breaks . Love listening to you and James…. Keep up the podcast and let Liz make a fuss of you.

  5. Hi Chris,

    So sorry to hear about your accident. I had a drunk driver cross the centerline and hit me about 15 years ago.

    Thank you for all you and James do. I really like the podcast. I just played the interview with Kristen. Very enjoyable and a real can do attitude.

    What about getting a lightweight dual sport? I have an xt225 that I love to ride on back roads and around town. It will even get through some nasty single track off road trails. The bike weighs less than 300 lbs with a tank of gas and gets nearly 70 miles to a gallon. Just a thought.


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