Episode 197 – Router’s Ride Table, that’s the one.

Episode 197 - Router's Ride Table, that's the one. Recorded February 19, 2015 ThePaceFINAL-300x116
This week we're hosting February's Rider's Round Table, and we're joined by Michael Kaiser of KinderRider, Inc., Liza Miller from Motorcycles & Misfits, and Chuck Brewer of The Wheelnerds. Hilarity ensues upon pushing Play. Chuck Brewer, The Wheelnerds Michael Kaiser, KinderRider Inc. Liza Miller, Motorcycles & Misfits
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11 thoughts on “Episode 197 – Router’s Ride Table, that’s the one.

  1. Chris – I agree with you 100% about liking the clean stream of air you get without a screen. I rode like that for 25 years and still love it. BUT – I’ve purchased a small handlebar mounted windscreen for my older bike (GT750) due to one horrendous early evening ride on a humid summer night. We were returning from a trip to the closest Moto Guzzi dealer (so around 800 miles :-P, and had to pass over a long bridge through a swampy, bog-like area. Well let me tell you – the bugs hitting my jacket and helmet sounded like a full-on rain storm. By the time we made it through I could hardly see out the visor, and my coat was wearing a coat of bug carcasses. What really sucked was that the bug juice pulled out the black of my leather. It took me an entire day of cleaning and half a bottle of Doc Bailey’s to get it looking good again. Now whenever my ride plan has a section that *could* be similar, I’ll mount the screen.

  2. I was a bit taken aback to hear from Liza that (a) as a motorcyclist I’m not interested in CO2 emissions (that’s funny, I thought I was), and (b) that those who are must be cage-driving do-gooders.

    I took up motorcycling last June, at 51, primarily because, being newly-single, I couldn’t justify carbon-powering a tonne of steel around just to cart the 75kg bag of flesh that is myself. It turns out that (now I’m past the terror stage) I love riding my CB500X around this spectacular part of the world** (Northern NSW, Australia), but that’s kind of fortuitous. The 3.5l/100km (66mpg in your terms) is still a powerful motivation for it being my main mode of transport. I’d love an electric bike when one becomes practical.

    As for this constituting ‘do-gooding’, well I’ll plump for that if Liza is also willing to call not dropping a tree on your neighbour’s house being a bleeding-heart. Otherwise let’s just stick to labelling it as taking responsibility for your actions. AKA being a grown-up.

    For all that this might sound a tad critical, love the podcast, and have just subscribed to Motorcycles and Misfits. Cheers guys.

    ** Well, not only my locale. Did a 4000km round-trip camping tour to Melbourne in October, returning via the outback. Have a similar ride planned for this April. Motorcycling is a splendid way to see Australia. Highly recommended to you and your listeners for any visits here.

  3. Even more taken aback to see my mildly critical comment being rejected. Your podcast, your rules, so that’s up to you. But in future I’ll listen passively, and when any feedback occurs to me, remember “ah, these are the thin-skinned guys, just listen ’cause they’re worth listening to. But keep quiet”.

  4. Cris,

    Your comment wasn’t rejected, I just missed the notification. I apologize for that.

    We have it set up so that we have to approve the first comment from each person. That’s due to the volume of comment spam that we got when it was wide open. We have never knowingly rejected a legitimate comment. You make some good points highlighting the diversity of the motorcycling community. We ride for many different reasons.

    Also, I’ll take a note to clarify that policy regarding comments on our next episode.

  5. I also didn’t see a notification, so we’ll be sure to check why the notifications aren’t coming directly to both of us, and in a more timely fashion.

  6. James & Chris – thanks guys, and I must apologise in turn for letting the snark creep in. Been on the ‘net too much and in the saddle not enough! Fixed that with a splendid couple of hundred kms up into the hills this morning. A perfect Sunday.
    Thanks again for the great podcast.

  7. No problem at all. You provided us with good reminder that we could stand to be a little more transparent. Just because we know a thing doesn’t mean that it obvious to everyone.

    Thanks for listening and I’m glad you got a good ride in I’m looking forward to doing that very soon.

  8. Good show. I used to think I could rely on this Podcast to help me learn how to pronounce all the strange names of bikes and products in the moto world, but now I see that I can’t. How could I? In this roundtable discussion by all you experts, I heard the famous Russian moto-sidecar rig called “yer-AL” (rhymes with “corral”), “YER-uhl”(sort of rhymes with “urinal”), even the almost-single-syllable “ehrl”, which rhymes with, well… “earl”!

    So, I guess I’ll continue to stumble along, ever-wondering but never knowing how to say “Versys”…

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