Episode 198: There are only three sports

Episode 198: There are only three sports Recorded February 27, 2015 ThePaceFINAL-300x116
This we we have a few news items and reviews, then it's hip deep in feedback. ALL THE FEEDBACK! Review: Sound Rider gear and equipment News: Links: Feedback:
  • Roland Cannon
  • Patrick Advincula
  • Russell Hoffman
  • Curtis
  • HiPro / Ryan
  • Joel Cramer
  • Cris Bennett (from the blog)
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4 thoughts on “Episode 198: There are only three sports

  1. Just a quick comment regarding the medic-alert USB credit card, I can tell you that it would most likely go unnoticed. There have been enough charges against first responders regarding theft that when we do go through a wallet or a purse there is (hopefully) another witness present and we go straight for the driver’s license and perhaps an insurance card. Unless this card is front and center, it will most likely get missed. I agree, there needs to be a new standard similar to the medic-alert bracelets and necklaces that we are used to seeing. The standard for first responders is to use electronic patient reporting, so access to computers is more prevalent. The next problem is what software the departments allow the medics to access. It looks like this is a .txt file, so hopefully they can at least access Win Notepad. Great show guys and keep up the great work.

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