Episode 203: Helmet Head on Your Face!

Episode 203

April 19, 2015


Theme music composed and performed by Raoul Lowe
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4 thoughts on “Episode 203: Helmet Head on Your Face!

  1. I think it was this podcast where you spoke about the street wear caused by motorcycles vs heavier vehicles and as an Engineer that sort of question always lights at least a small fire of interest. But don’t worry, I’m an Electrical Engineer so my desire to delve deep into the subject is superficial at best….but I will say that this morning in the shower I did have a thought that might be relevant. (The genesis of this thought is probably more specifically the new Pilot Road 4 tires I just bought for the STROM, but I digress.)

    What I was thinking was that when I think of the kind of “life” I get from motorcycle tires (in terms of miles) vs even the cheapest Chinese automobile tires that I have on my KIA, I see that the wear of the motorcycle tires happens at a lot faster rate!

    This COULD be because the motorcycle puts more stresses on the tires, and so wears them faster. (and if you believe that, it might put more wear on the road) But I think the issue is more likely the fact that that tire to road interface is SO MUCH MORE CRITICAL to the motorcyclist that the tires compounds are always made softer and stickier (for increased friction in ALL situation), and so these compounds wear that much faster.

    Now, if you follow that logic, and you consider the idea of say mating gears or even electrical connectors where one is “protected” by making the mate a “sacrificial member” (that one side might be easier to replace, so it is made softer so that it takes all the wear and would then be the one normally replaced)…then following the same logic, the softer motorcycle tires would probably be the sacrificial member in the tire to road interface, thereby saving wear on the road.

    OK…..so this is a lame analysis…..but it was after all a shower thought, and I am after all only a lowly computer engineer.

  2. Quentin, I believe you’ve hit on exactly the answer… motorcycle tires are ridiculously soft and sacrificial and short-lived compared to pretty much ANY other vehicle because, you’re right, the street/tire interface is critical and must be maximized (grip) with less contact.

    In as much, I think the wear to the roadways is negligible at best on even the most monstrous of motorcycles.


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