Episode 207 – Physics is everywhere, redux.

Episode 207 - Physics is everywhere, redux! June 3rd, 2015 ThePaceFINAL-300x116
Punchy and prickly, James and Chris bring you all the news… or some of the news… a little bit of news… something. Anyway, the guys talk about stuff like the new Z800 and lane splitting and why ABS rocks! James reviews his new helmet and then the guys read some feedback. Oh, and Chris pops up a new contest - come up with a new theme song for us and win this great First Gear summer jacket donated by our friend Ed Day. Size Large, excellent condition and ready to go, just in time for summer. Review News: Links:   Feedback:
  • Bobby (Austin, TX)
  • Dan Klapman (Chicago)
  • Tom McGoldrick
  • Brett Farrell
Thanks so much for the great iTunes reviews!
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One thought on “Episode 207 – Physics is everywhere, redux.

  1. I’ve been pleasantly suprised by your podcast …there are not a lot of good motorcycle related ones. I have a couple of comments-

    * First, wrt your latest diversion into weatherproof cameras – +1 to Pentax. When I got back into photography after a hiatus I did a lot of research on DSLRs, which of course lead to CaNikon. However I happened upon the Pentax K200 which was a great camera, and I used it in some truly nasty weather at the 2008 Indy MotoGP (can you say “hurricane”?). Pentax is a great choice if you’re looking for a weather sealed DSLR at a reasonable price. I’ll be glad to prove more information if you want.
    * How do I send a few bucks to you guys? A lot of podcasts have links where one can send some money – didn’t see one on your site.
    * WRT the recent comment about tall bikes – yep, I agree. I just downsized to a Versys (650), and have a Seat Concepts seat. A lot of people online complain about the high seat height, not being able to flat foot, etc. I think flat footing is overrated…it’s much nicer being up high to be able to see over things!

    Keep up the good work!

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