Episode 210: Tiny Little Package

Episode 210

July 26, 2015


Theme music composed and performed by Raoul Lowe

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5 thoughts on “Episode 210: Tiny Little Package

  1. How does Powersports East have room for a tent in their parking lot? But I digress…

    I stopped by Powersports East last month when I was in town. And I saw the Zero when I was there. I walked up, lifted it off the sidestand, put it back on the sidestand, and walked away. Batteries are heavy. Would love to try an electric bike, however.

    Not surprised at all that Governor Markell is clueless. Ah, Delaware…

  2. With the NM4…. it makes me think of the Pacific Coast. Which was an 800cc bike. Ugly at the time it was introduced, but I rode it and loved it. I just saw a Pacific Coast on the road the other day and was quite surprised. Overside scooters drive me nuts, but I loved how the bags were integrated into the Pacific Coast. 600CCs is too small. And the NM4 looks looongggg. That won’t be great for handling.

  3. I love, love and love the PC800 / Pacific Coast. I couldn’t afford to buy one new at the time, and all the ones I find at a decent enough price now are pretty thrashed up with a lot of body damage. Shame. I really, really liked that bike. The test ride I had on one back then was kind of intoxicating, and every one I’ve ridden since then still brings me back to that “I really, really want this” feeling.

  4. Hi Tim,I used aluminum to make thin braeckts for the rear of the seat. Bolt hole spacing I made about 2 inches. You should use two or four strong bolts to hold the two braeckts, because the front is not bolted down. You need to drill the frame for these bolts; these holes will be covered up by the braeckts. For the front, use two L braeckts to make a U bracket and use the tank mounting bolt to hold it. The tank mount is not changed, you just remove the bolt temporarily to bolt the U bracket down. Use a long bolt to close off the top of the U. Then to install the seat you slide the front tab into the U bracket (add rubber spacers to the front so it is not loose) and fasten the rear bolts. Make sure the front of the seat is raised the same amount that the rear is raised. If you look at the pictures (in my other posts also) you can see what I did.Hope this helps, and thanks for asking. -Les S.

  5. Hi Guys, have I missed a podcast or two? Last one available end of July, apologies I know you have a life away from this, just checking!!

    United Kingdom

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