Episode 215: Screaming its Fool Head Off

Episode 215

November 19, 2015



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2 thoughts on “Episode 215: Screaming its Fool Head Off

  1. Gents, thank you again for another fine exchange of ideas and information. Glad you are getting to ride late into the year. I hate to complain (really, I do) but thought I’d note that “it’s” in the show title ought to be “its”.

    James — I ride an NC700X (manual) and was glad to hear your positive impression of it. I love most everything about this bike. A common complaint is the forward-sloping seat which is hard to fix. Looks like the Russell Day Long might do it though. The frunk is way cool and convenient, such as in restaurant drive throughs. I agree it’s a crime that ABS is not available in the manual transmission.


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